Dummy Moment and Tonight’s Nite-Cap

So I had quite the dummy moment yesterday…..unfortunately it derailed my workout plans…fortunately it didn’t ruin my night.  It all started when I made plans with my workout buddy, Kitty (she’s a person-not a cat) and we set out to do our convention center stairs workout.  Its a killer workout that I’ll go into detail about tomorrow – so any who, we met at the corner of her block and set out to run to the stairs.  On the way we decided it was way too cold for me to be dressed slutty  summery, so we went back to my apartment to get a jacket.  I walked out of my apartment in a hurry – and yup, you may have guessed it…I locked myself out!  Really long, boring story short, we stayed in and worked out in the gym in my building while I dealt with finding someone to let me in.

How did it not ruin my night you may ask, I still got back in just in time to get ready, get some dinner for myself and the hubster, and meet him out front to go to the first home game of the seasons for SDSU’s Mens Basketball!! SO EXCITING!  This is def my favorite sport to go watch…its fast-paced, entertaining, and fun to follow along with the chants.  SDSU has an amazing student section (<– Check it out!!) that makes the games so much fun.

Tonight’s Nite-Cap:

Workout Goal: WEDNESDAY- Gym: weights and elliptical actual –> Ran 2.17 miles, 3 sets of abs I got home earlier than I thought was able to get a short run it.  This getting dark early thing stinks! 


AFTER- Yup, I’m sweaty!

See…Told You I Was a SWEATY BEAST!

Favorite Recovery Drink – Chocolate Milk..yum!  (BTW- I don’t know what I’m looking at….You’re welcome!)

Dinner: Baked Tilapia, sautéed spinach, roasted mushrooms and peppers.  Easy on the carbs this evening because I had lots of carbs for breakfast and lunch…no pics tonight because I was starving and inhaled my dinner in 3.2 seconds!

What are some of your go-to weeknight dinners?  
Any creative and healthy Thanksgiving recipes?  I have a few in mind I’ll share tomorrow 🙂

What Say You?!

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