Getting on Track…

with workouts, school, job stuff, or whatever….getting on track is always tough!  I feel that we are always getting on track with something that may have dropped off.  I am no different, luckily the things I try to get “back on track” vary (and it’s not always the same thing!)…right now its working out.  I’ve always been consistent with my workouts, but the amount of effort I put in sometimes dwindles…and unfortunately these past couple of weeks it’s been lacking. 

1. Set Goal: Workout 4-5 days a week….and make it worth it! I’m talking a sweaty mess after each.and.every.workout.

2. Make a Plan: I always set the days each week I want to get my workout in.  Sometimes the days vary if I have something to do after work, but I almost always try to take Sunday off.  Thats my day to rest and be lazy!  Another tip for planning workouts is scheduling them in my iPhoone calendar.  This way I feel more guilty if it doesn’t happen because my laptop, desktop, iPad, and iPhone are all sending me reminders! 

3. Get to work:  That’s right….get  my booty in gear!!  Hot-mess, here I come!

4. Stick to it:  I try not to let 1 bad day derail my entire effort.  If I had a bad workout one day, that just means the next one needs to be 10x better! 

5.  Reach Goal:  You got it – being consistent for a few weeks usually makes it much easier to keep up the goal.  Once it’s a habit and part of your routine, it’ll feel normal.  Just remember, any goal, habit or not, needs to be re-visited so that you don’t get off track in the first place.


So heres my workout goal for this week:

MONDAY– Off (This wasn’t my goal, but it’s what happened!

TUESDAY– Gym: Weights (Again, wasn’t my goal but I locked myself out of my apartment!  More on that later…)

WEDNESDAY– Gym: weights and eliptical

THURSDAY– Stairs x10 + lunges, tricep dips, and push-ups x4

FRIDAY– Run 5 miles

SATURDAY– Run 3 Miles


Is there anything you feel you’ve gotten “off track” with? 
What goals are you setting to get back on track? 
Any fun workouts planned for today?

What Say You?!

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