Jessica Simpson’s Victory and My Killer Workout

Have you seen Jessica Simpson lately?  She’s looking’ good!  If your plugged in to the celebrity world, you make have seen Jessica Simpson looking like this during her pregnancy.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that every woman’s body handles pregnancy and weight gain differently, but she came under a lot of scrutiny for talking about her unhealthy eating habits on numerous interviews.

“The singer-fashion mogul reveals in a new interview with USA Today that“I let myself indulge in everything I wanted because it was the first time I was ever pregnant, and I wanted to enjoy it. I wanted to be happy and eat what I wanted” — which included a lot of her favorite dish, macaroni and cheese.” (source)

I’ve never been pregnant, but I am very adamant that I will try my best to be healthy and active…that’s better for the baby, right?  Any momma’s out there want to weigh in?  (No pun intended…really!  I didn’t even notice that until I was proof-reading 🙂 )

Well the jokes on all the haters out there because Jessica Simpson is one HOT momma!  Take a look at her now, just months after having her baby.  And yes, I get it…she got a huge contract with Weight Watchers, but at the end of the day, If I could get back in shape and make money off of it, I would!  Wouldn’t you?!


She’s been on a smoothie diet: “She (then) spent five days having three smoothies a day with two healthy snacks, five days of two smoothies a day plus two healthy snacks and one meal and then five days of one smoothie a day with 2 snacks and 2 meals.” source

Initially I thought that was crazy, a smoothie diet?! *insert scoff* But then I started thinking about it and realized that if she had well balanced smoothies then she’d probably be getting just the right amount of calories and nutrients in the day.  So in conclusion, good for her! Rock on Jess, rock on!!

 So back to me- I set off to do my workout today after work. (I was channeling my inner Jessica Simpson in this pic)

Goal: 2 mile run and killer stairs workout.  Results: Heck yeah I got it done!! Had a good run and made my way to the San Diego Convention Center.  They have a huge set of stairs that people work out at regularly. (I swear this picture does not do them justice! Thats just the top part)

It’s a tough workout, but feels so good to be out there and the view is amazing.  The other side has views of the sunset…I’ll get that next time!

Workout: Start with a 2 mile run that ends up at the stairs.  I alternate between doing 2-3 sets of stairs up and down with 1 set of interval training.  Today’s interval-  lunges, and 3 types of abdominal moves  (all 10x on each side)- repeat 3 times, and you got yourself an amazing workout for the day! Woo…gets me tried all over again just thinking about it!

If you’re a momma, how did you stay fit?  Get back into shape?
Do you have any go-to killer workouts?  

6 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson’s Victory and My Killer Workout

  1. I’m loving your blog!
    Great workout 🙂

    I’m a huge celeb stalker. Jessica looks amazing! I know she was under a heck of a lot of pressure to lose the weight, and quickly..but I guess that’s because of the big contract with WW (and yes, if I coulda gotten that contract and get back in shape after a baby, I woulda done it too!)

    • Awe, thanks!! That’s so great to hear that you’re enjoying my little start-up blog! I’m just stoked people are reading, LOL! It’s a bummer Jess got so much negative attention, but it comes with the territory I guess…I’ll always love her (and all things celebrity related!).

    • Good point! My friend is pregnant now with her first kiddo, so hopefully I’ll learn from her experiences and have a game plan when it’s my turn…in a few years 🙂

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