The Poor (Wo)man’s Garmin

Happy Tuesday!  I woke up bright and early, did my Daily Mini Workout

Just finished my Classic Green Protein Shake in for the day, and now I’m on to conquer the rest of the day at work.  I usually finish my green smoothie in the car on the way to work, but today I lagged it bit and took it into my office.  I was talking to different people along the way, had a 10 minute long conversation with a colleague, and realized I was getting all these weird looks because I was holding this:

 Yes, thats green residue and peanut butter remnants covering the entire cup with my lipstick stained straw popping out of the top, yummy right?! It’s bad enough I’m a total bag lady and cup/tupperware freak…no really!  Everyday I leave with my work bag, lunch bag filled with tupperware containers for everything (I try to minimize the amount of baggies I waste), a water cup, coffee cup, and shake cup.

Plus whatever else I need that day, like my laptop, iPad, etc.  Yup, I’m a hot mess in the morning!  It’s a wonder I don’t lose half the stuff I walk out the door with!  Moral of the story… I’m the weirdo bag lady that drinks green stuff.  Oh well, can’t win them all, right?

On to the poor (wo)man’s Garmin…I can’t justify to my husband the need for a Garmin running GPS watch.  I’ve been asking, but since we made a (bad) investment in the Nike watch a few years ago, he’s totally turned off by the idea of spending more money for another running gadget.

No Bueno –>

So I’ve been using my iPhone lately and track my runs there on “Map My Run“.  The app pretty much gives you the same functionality, distance, time, pace, splits, etc. as a watch.  The biggest drawback to this is that you can’t really access it easily on a run unless you yank the phone off your arm holder thingy.  So the voice feedback function is my favorite part of the app!  A nice lady comes on every mile and tells you your distance and pace, and will even give you encouraging feedback or tell you to pick up the pace…perfect!


So what’s the problem you ask? This app decided to make the voice feedback feature a paid upgrade, how rude!  That’s what I liked about this app because since I can’t see it throughout my run, I still know how long I’ve gone and my pace.  So now I’m in search of a new app to use.  Yesterday I used iRunner, and I didn’t like it.  The voice over is not very loud, it didn’t let me set goals, and I just thought it stunk overall.

So today I’m going to use the Nike GPS app and hope that it’s better and more accurate than my last watch.  It got pretty good reviews, so I’ll hope for the best and let you know.


 Do you have anything that people at work think you’re a “weirdo” for doing?
Any good morning smoothie recipes?
How do you keep track of your runs?

4 thoughts on “The Poor (Wo)man’s Garmin

  1. My smoothie is similar to yours…I use a handful of spinach, a small banana (frozen so I don’t need to add ice and it comes out creamier), a protein powder (EAS, Vi-Shape, Vemma, etc.), and a cup of Soy Slender (vanilla and chocolate versions are both great and less than one gram of sugar…one of my favorite products). As for people at work thinking I’m a weirdo, happens all the time 😉 I don’t eat the donuts, which are here at least once a week…I don’t eat a bun with my burger at our bbq lunches…I fill up my water bottle A LOT and pee A LOT…haha…sorry for the TMI…I come to work in work clothes and leave in workout clothes 🙂 They have learned to love me anyway…haha. Have a great day! (oh yeah, I track my runs with mapmyrun app and have tried a couple others, but don’t care for them…lots of my active friends use Run Keeper app)

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  3. I have the Garmin Forerunner 405 to track my runs–but I think it’s time to replace the watch battery–I got it off Amazon for a lower price, so it might be a year or so old at this point.

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