Blah Run! It happens…

Have you ever had a sub-par workout? Like you’re really “ready” to become a hot, sweaty mess…and then it doesn’t quite work out that way.  Well that’s what happened to me today.  I was all dressed, had on my new compression running sleeves, favorite sports bra (TMI?), queued up the new Nike GPS app that I wanted to try out, and set out for an awesomely hard 6 mile run.

I was still feeling good here 🙂

I can’t really explained what happened, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  So I did what any normal person would do.  I turned off the Nike app, kept on trucking’, and took some pics along the way.


Historic Midway Museum  

Trying to hang in there – hence the fake smile plastered on my mug

 At about 3 miles I decided to call it quits!  Not the best run, but the thing about bad workouts is that the next one is usually awesome!  So I’m all ready for tomorrow morning’s workout…got it all planned out and everything!  I did manage to get another mini workout in this morning – so overall it was a good fitness day, just not great, does that make sense?



Whats for Dinner? My absolute favorite salad ever!

Spring mix with pan seared shrimp, goat cheese, avocado (added after the pic) and my little dressing concoction.

Dressing: 1Tbl olive oil, 1 tsp honey, dash of salt and pepper and whisk it away.  It doesn’t look like very much, but it goes a long way and gives it so much flavor without taking away from the main attraction – the shrimp!

Next up?  Early morning full gym workout – some treadmill work, weights, abs, and stretching (I’m starting to feel a little tight).  I won’t have a chance to workout after work because we’re flying out of town for a wedding in San Jose.  Get ready for some fun vacay pics!!

Do you ever feel bummed after a mediocre workout?
Any fun plans coming up this weekend?  I know it’s only Wednesday – but it’s fun to look forward to something!

2 thoughts on “Blah Run! It happens…

  1. ugh, sorry u had a blah run, but like u said they happen to ALL of us! i tend to do the same: just ignore the pace/time and turn the focus to getting in SOME amount of miles and then be happy that i still got out there and did it rather than doing nothing. and u came hope to some tasty foodage so that’s a big win! 🙂

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