Blogger Confessional

Good Morning!!


Happy Thirsty Thursday!

That’s what people mean by “Thirsty Thursday” right?  Green smoothie and coffee in the morning 🙂

Started the day with a new-to-me thunder slimmer thighs treadmill workout I found on Pinterest (<– I’m so stinkin’ addictied to Pinterest!).  I felt like it was just OK, *wonk wonk*…but I spruced it up a bit by running instead of “brisk” walking. 


0:00 Warm-up: Walk at a moderate pace (about 3.0-3.5 mph).
5:00 Shuffle: Turn to left and walk sideways, like you’re shuffling, hands on hips (about 2.0-2.5 mph).
7:00 Walk briskly (normal form, about 3.5-4.0 mph)
9:00 Shuffle, facing right side.
11:00 Walk briskly.
13:00 Shuffle, facing left side.
15:00 Walk briskly.
17:00 Shuffle, facing right side.
19:00 Walk briskly.
21:00 Walk backward (reduce speed as much as necessary and slowly increase it as you acclimate).
23:00 Walk briskly.
25:00 Cool-down: Walk at a moderate pace (about 3.0-3.5 mph).
30:00 Finished

But hey, if it will give me these legs and thighs, then I’ll give it a try!  (Ha! I totally rhymed there and didn’t mean to!)

Moving on, so here’s the real deal on why I probably wasn’t feeling this workout because…Ready?  Here’s my confession– I hate the treadmill, *gasp*!  I know, it’s horrible.  How can I call myself a runner and blog about running, health, and fitness and not be addictied to the treadmill like some of my best friends (read: the other bloggers I stalk)?  I think I’m just so spoiled to live in Southern Cali where I can run outside just about every day of the year without weather being much of an issue.  So, you heard it here first…not every runner loves the treadmill, now you can go break the news to your loved one’s. 

I have a busy, busy day today…gotta get everything ready and packed because we are headed out of town tonight.  We’re taking a short flight up to San Francisco, CA for a family wedding.     Should be fun, but I’ve come to realize that whether it’s a short weekend trip, or a 2 week vacation, packing sucks!  I ALWAYS forget something, and packing all the “getting ready” stuff is the hardest.  You know, like make-up, lotion, hair products, etc.  Good thing I love mini-vacays and will forget about my packing woes 1.2 seconds after we get all checked into the airport!   Get ready for lot’s of pics of the wedding, good eats, and just us being silly and having a good time 🙂

Are you all about teadmills, or loath them as much as I do? You know my take on them…
Have you ever been to San Francisco?  Napa Valley??  NV is my favorite place – we got engaed there at our favorite winery.
Are you a wedding lover or hater…I feel like there’s no inbetween for some people.  Me?  I love me a good wedding!





2 thoughts on “Blogger Confessional

  1. You’re so pretty!

    If I lived in a place with year-round great weather – I’d never get on the treadmill!
    I’d muuuuch rather be outside, but this cold/snow/ickyness is just not for me to be running in too much!

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