And We’re Off!

All packed and ready to go!! Can you guess which one is mine?!



It’s a good thing I have people to do this for me…well actually one person who has to by default (love you too hubby!).

Here we go, San Diego International Airport headed to San Francisco, CA. Has anyone else ever flown Virgin Airlines? I love it!! Makes Southwest look like to frumpy step-child.


Notice the ambiance lighting in the background…and that guy behind us?  Well I don’t know who he is but he totally photo bombed my professional quality photography skills, rude.

Here are some of the snacks that I brought to munch on since we didn’t get a chance to have dinner at home. Not super healthy, but not too bad either 🙂 I also brought a few different protein bars that I like to have in my purse in case hunger strikes…I turn into a beast when I’m hungry!


Next stop – San Francisco!

Hoping to make it to Napa Valley tomorrow, be prepared to be very jealous of my wine and cheese tastings throughout the day 🙂

Do you ever eat at the airport or visit the bar?? What are your go-to choices?
Any mini-vacay’s planned for this weekend?

2 thoughts on “And We’re Off!

    • I usually pack more and better food too, but it was one of those super rushed days. Besides, it was nice enjoying a lil cheese and crackers with my airplane wine!

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