Here Come’s The Bride…and Meal Planning Monday

The main event was Napa Valley the wedding we came out here for.   Anytime my husband and I have a chance get all dolled up for special events, we’re all over it!  Everything was beautiful!  Amazing venue, great food, and of course a gorgeous bride 🙂

Joey and Laura

Laura and Dad


So now it’s back to reality…blah!  Isn’t that the hardest?  Leaving all the fun friends and family and getting back to the grind..oh well, since I didn’t win the Power Ball Lottery last weekend, I guess I have no choice!

Meal Planning Monday:  Here’s my plan for the week.  I mentioned here that I usually don’t get to meal planning until Monday even when I try to do it Sunday, so I just make it a point of getting to it on Monday.

B= Breakfast L= Lunch PW= Post Workout D= Dinner S= Snack

Monday: B- Enlightened Green Shake L- Tuna Wrap PW- Chocolate Milk D- Salad Beast S- Cottage Cheese with Strawberries

Tuesday: B- Enlightened Green Shake L- Mexican Style Veggie Caldo (Soup) PW- Choco Milk D- Tilapia Salad S- Yogurt Parfait

Wednesday: B- Oatmeal L- Salad PW- Choco Milk D- Soup Leftovers S- Cottage Cheese with Strawberries

Thursday: B- Enlightened Green Shake L- Veggie Sandwich PW- Choco Milk D- Shrimp Salad S- Yogurt Parfait

Friday: B- Enlightened Green Shake L- Salad PW- Choco Milk D- Holiday Party Eats

I have a great product I’m reviewing for a local health food company, and a couple recipe’s coming this week, stay tuned!!

Do you enjoy getting dressed up?  How about your spouse/significant other?   
What’s the hardest part of “getting ready” for you?  For me, it’s my unruly hair!!
Did anyone get an amazing long run or killer workout in?  I missed my weekend workout since we’re not in town, but that’s A-OK with me since we’re having a great time.

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