Watching My Model Friends on TV Tonight

I got so much accomplished yesterday; grocery shopping, tons of cooking, workout, caught up on some DVR’ed shows…you know, just a good day overall!  Last night as I was washing and cleaning the box of strawberries I bought, I realized they were rotten!   I paid $3.99 for a 1 lb. box (thats a small fortune considering how many strawberries we go through) and they were all gross.  What would you have done?  Tossed them?  Tried to use them as best as possible?  Nope, not me. I decided to package them back up, dig through the trash for the receipt (and it was gross because of all the cooking I had done), and marched down there this morning to get a refund.  The manager was extremely apologetic, but the checker was just annoyed…whatever, I got my refund, score!  But she gave me 99 cents in small coins, fail!


Not my strawberries, but some on the bottom and in between had that moldy fuzz…yuck!

So have I told you about the time I was on vacation with Victoria’s Secret models and we’re practically BFF’s?  No?  Well we are. The end.

Well actually, I’m not BFF’s with the models so much as we were on our honeymoon last September (2011) in Bora Bora and they were shooting a catalog there.  It was really cool and entertaining because it was such a production on such a small and quiet resort.  We stayed at the Hilton, Bora Bora (Yes! Where the Kardashians stayed on their reality show!) and they were doing a photo shoot for the next Swimsuit catalog.

Bora BoraOur Honeymoon

modelsVictoria’s Secret Model Candice Swanepoel and her buddy (I don’t know her name)

Kardashian VillaKardashian Bungalow

bungalowsBungalows we stayed in for our trip

So make sure you watch the Victoria’s Secret Show tonight!


Nothing like watching models strut their stuff while your on your booty planted on the couch eating bon bons!

Have you ever returned anything at a grocery store? Yup, but only a few times.
Ever had a run in with a model, actor, semi-famous person?  Who? VS model…I can’t think of who else!
Where’s the last tropical/exotic vacation you took? Costa Rica Spring 2012


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