What We Ate Wednesday #2 – PB2 Thief

Happy Wednesday!!  Time for my second edition of “What We Ate Wednesday.”


I mentioned before that I have a few more dietary restrictions than my husband…basically- I don’t eat chicken, beef, pork, or any other meat besides seafood.  This has been going on for a few years now and makes me feel better (stomach).  My husband, on the other hand, eats anything I give him.  His only request is that his food be healthy.  So here’s a day in our life…



Cereal with MY chocolate PB2 (how rude!) I get really territorial about foods I consider “mine,” but apparently he doesn’t care.  I’ll have to continue to stock up on my latest obsession because he stated that “he loves that stuff!”

PB2 Cereal


(Un-pictured again, sorry!) Sliced chicken on a whole what pita with spinach, tomato, and avocado and carrots on the side.


Grilled chicken with sautéed veggies and pasta carbonara (courtesy of an amazing local chef…more info on that later!)

pasta carbonara


Cottage cheese bowl with apples, bananas, and strawberries topped with cinnamon and honey




Enlightened Green Shake and coffee

Enlightened Green Shake


Mexican Style Veggie Soup (Caldo de Verduras) that I cooked up Monday night…by the way, eating corn on the cob at work os hard! Note to self…don’t do that again.



Parmesan crusted tilapia Salad with mixed greens (Spring mix, romaine, and arugula), goat cheese and avocado topped with my favorite go-to dressing: olive oil, honey, lime, salt and pepper all mixed up.  Doesn’t need much and tastes so good!

tilapia salad


In addition to my chocolate milk post-workout, I also nibbled on some licorice and peanut butter pretzels after lunch and finished the night with a bit of cereal

snack collage

 So there it is…a day of (mostly) healthy eats!  Veggie soup recipe coming tonight 🙂

What are some of your healthy eats?
Do you make your own salad dressing?
Are you a PB2 lover like me?


4 thoughts on “What We Ate Wednesday #2 – PB2 Thief

  1. I will have to check on Amazon. If I start my work week not prepared, bad things happen…haha. I start meal planning on Thursday/Friday and make the grocery list. We shop on the weekend, usually Saturday, and then prep on Sunday. I’m totally with you that I MUST have a plan! 🙂

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  3. Where do you buy PB2? I have never tried it or seen it in the stores (our stores aren’t the greatest for healthy products). My go to meals are my “green smoothie,” hard boiled eggs, and some form of chili that consists of various beans, lean ground turkey or beef, diced up veggies (jalapenos, onions, bell peppers, etc.) and some seasonings. These foods keep me full and get me through most of my days without too much work or hassle since I prep my food on Sunday.

    • I bought the PB2 on amazon, I haven’t found it in any stores…but maybe Whole Foods would have it…I’ll have to cheek on it. It’s reasonably pieced and doesn’t tack on too many calories onto my smoothies and other PB goodies I like to make. I try to prep on Sunday’s too, but it downs;t always happen for me because of one thing or another, that’s why I do “Meal Planning Monday.”

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