Surviving the Holiday Buldge

Tis the season for…giving, sharing, thanking, eating (everything in sight), gaining (weight), spending (way too much money) missing (routine workouts for holiday parties, family gatherings, etc.), and I’m sure the list goes on and on.  For me, the holidays conjure up images of family gatherings, yes theres food, decorating, and presents.  Unfortunately I’m sure I eat much more than my body needs, and that’s always a struggle that I have to keep in mind.  I’d love to say that I’m “Naturally Skinny,” but I’m not..I don’t even know that being “Naturally Skinny” even exists, but whatever.  Fear not, I have a plan!

There are definitely some tips and tricks of the trade when it comes to surviving the holidays and not having to live in “yoga” pants for the next few weeks while you get back on track.  Here’s what I try to do:

1. Eat in Anticipation: If you know that you will be at a holiday party or some kind of gathering with lot’s of food, make sure you eat healthy and light throughout the entire day.  For example, I tend to drink protein shakes and eat salads (without cheese, creamy dressing, or fatty add-on’s) and drink tons of water.  This keeps me satisfied the entire day, and doesn’t make me feel like a loser if I go back to the appetizers table for round 2.

Enlightened Green Shake

Exhibit A- Green Smoothie for breakfast

2. Think Small: Always choose the small appetizer size plate when possible.  Only so much can fit on a small plate and it’ll deter you from going back multiple times, it’s all in our head!  I don’t mind going back and getting a second serving of some of my fav’s at a party…but I’m much more conscious if I go back 3, 4, or more times!


Exhibit B- small plate like this (only 4 banana slices fit on it)

3. 1 for 1:  If you do decide to indulge in the libations being offered (read- boozing it up), then follow the 1 for 1 rule.  1 drink, 1 water, period.  This is a hard one, but really can make or break your night.   I tend to stick to wine because I’m a wino it has some health benefits and tends to take longer to drink.  Red wines especially have a bolder, richer taste and don’t go down as easily as a beer or fruity cocktail.


Exhibit C- Red Wine (don’t forget to drink water in between glasses)

4. The Tighter the Better: Wear a really hot, sexy, classy outfit that’s comfortably tight.  If you wear something that’s form fitting, chances are you won’t go back for the 3rd pig in a blanket (for fear of looking like one 🙂 ).  We tend to be much more conscious of what we eat and drink when we are wearing clothing that is on the tighter side.  I’m not saying go buy a dress 2 sizes too small and be miserable the entire night, just choose the skinny jeans instead of mom jeans, the tighter shirt instead of long flowy one, you get it?  Good.  And avoid leggings! I love leggings and think they look really cute, can be dressed up, etc…but let’s face it, you may as well be wearing PJ’s because they’re comfy and you’ll want to go back for that 5th deviled egg!


Exhibit D- Stay away from the loosy goosy flowy tops

5. Hit the Gym:  This is pretty self explanatory, but try to make an effort to workout the day of a holiday party.  If you won’t have a chance to do it after work, then gets your booty out of bed early and get in an AM sweat session!  We make smarter and healthier choices when we’ve had some endorphins hit us, so get out there and run, lift some weights, or even a circuit training session will get your body and mind prepared for the evening fun.


Exhibit E- Get Sweaty!  But don’t forget to shower before the party…that would be awkward.

6. Be Picky: At the end of the day (or night) we want to enjoy the holidays and eat foods that we probably don’t indulge in on a regular basis.  With this in mind, be picky!  Don’t go for the nachos and wings, instead hit up the artisan cheese tray or something you may have never tried before.  I also apply this to the desserts – I tend to skip the Costco cookies and cakes (even though they’re delicious) and opt for the homemade sweets or boutique style desserts.


Exhibit F- Opt for the ‘one of a kind’ type desserts like homemade or specialty bakery type stuff

I was only going for 5 tips, but 6 came to mind and didn’t want to short change you all!!

So there it is- have fun, eat and drink, and STILL fit into your skinny jeans come January!!

What are some of your tips for fighting the holiday bulge?
Do you go all out and worry about it later, or try to be conservative in what you indulge in?

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