Sporting Event Eats

Go, Go, Go! I got home from work, put on my running attire, and hit the road.  I needed to get in a quick 4-5 miles so that I could get back home and get ready to head out!  I tried out some new-to-me compression sleeves.  They weren’t very tight, but they kept me warm without getting too hot..but I was freezing the first 10 minutes of my run, took me a bit to get acclimated to the blistering 65 degree weather 🙂


Post-run pic: Yes I’m flexing. Yes I realize the lack of muscle.  Yes I will hit the weights…right now.

I had to rush to get my run in because…bottom line, my husband is a huge sports fanatic…I’m talking about every sport, there’s always a game, and they’re ALL important!!  I like sports, I enjoy going to games, having people over, etc. but he takes it to a whole new level!  Luckily, I’ve come to love going to SDSU (our alma mater) sporting events, especially basketball games.  Why basketball?  Because it’s indoors (I hate having to dress for the elements…considering we live in San Diego I get how silly that statement it), and also because it’s fast paced.  There’s not a lot of lag time and there’s always something going on.

So any who, we headed down to Viejas arena yesterday to watch the SDSU men’s basketball team defeat UCSB…by a lot!  When we go to sporting events, it’s always fun to sample some of the foods the stadium has to offer every once in a while, but when you go as often as us, it starts getting to be a bit much on the wallet and waistline.  So I’ve become accustomed to bringing in dinner and snacks for us, sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a huge fail.

Last night I made us burritos, and they were a hit!  Easy to bring in, easy to eat, tasty, and healthier than buying them or anything else offered at the concessions.  Shredded beef (seasoned with salt and pepper, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro that I made the night before) for J’s burritos along with rice, beans, guacamole, greek yogurt “sour cream” and salsa.  For mine I made 1 shrimp burrito with rice, yogurt, guacamole, and salsa and a veggie burrito with the same type of fillings.  Unfortunately I was hungry when I made them and could only eat 1, so I chose the shrimp and left the veggie for another day.  I usually use wheat tortillas, but since they had to travel well and make it to the game, I opted for the regular version.  Wheat tortillas are good if you’re going to eat them on the spot, but they tend to crack and get hard if they sit too long.


I had already started eating, but you get the jist 🙂

The game was fun, we still got some good food, and I felt good eating it!  That’s always a win in my book (get it?  a win because we were at a game?!)


Basketball team tearing it up!


Half time show featuring the football team – they won a trophy for the Mountain West division!

Have a great Friday everyone!! After work it’s another killer convention center stairs workout, then some downtime with the hubster.

Do you ever run with compression sleeves?  Do you notice a difference?
What’s the last sporting event you went to?
Do you bring in food to games, or just splurge while you’re there?

2 thoughts on “Sporting Event Eats

  1. I haven’t tried compression sleeves for my arms, but I have for my knees and ankles and they seem to help a lot on days I’m having joint pain. As for our last sporting event, that was yesterday 🙂 We took Ry to a hockey game and it was AWESOME! I snuck in my water bottle as well as some nuts and I put natural peanut butter in a carb balance flour tortilla…it was filling and yummy and easy…and no getting up to spend too much money on food that is not good for me and will make me feel yucky 🙂 I will have to try your burrito idea for a future Angel game.

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