Another Saturday, Another Wedding

Sweat Stats: Rest Day for Saturday

I had a busy, fun, busy, and incredibly exhausting day yesterday.  My Saturday began with a morning meeting at 8AM for a committee I’m involved with that promotes girls going to college and pursuing careers.  We organize an annual conference with guest speakers and workshops from many different fields.  So any who, my weekend started bright and early.

After my meeting I did a bit of shopping for a wedding gift and snuck in a couple of christmas gifts (for other people, not for me!),  and then I headed to my friends Tupperware party.  Now I  know you’re probably thinking that Tupperware parties are for old, stay at home mom’s from the (insert decade of choice), but it’s not!  This sexy and sassy lady knows how to do it!  Still don’t believe me, check out her blog about all things Tupperware, organization, and healthy living.  We cooked up a few healthy and indulgent foods with her Tupperware products that I’ll share later this week.


After the Tupperware fun, it was time to get home, get ready, and go to another wedding.  Last weekend we headed to San Jose for a family wedding, and yesterday it was for my husbands childhood friend.  It was held in a beautiful home in Bonita, CA with amazing views of the sunset.  We stayed there the rest of the night, enjoyed great company, some yummy Mexican food…and of course wedding cake!  It was white cake with fresh strawberry filling, just in case you were wondering…you’re welcome.


They don’t look super happy, but I promise they were!  It’s just not the best pic…iPhone and night pictures are not always the best 🙂

So what’s in the books for today you ask?  Still figuring it out, but I’m pretty sure there will be a Farmer’s Market, some football, and grocery shopping and meal planning.  Have a great Sunday!!

Are you a fan of Tupperware?  Remember your mom having it when you were growing up? Yes, and Yes!! I’m hooked!
Have you been to a wedding lately? 2 🙂
What’s your fav Sunday routine/activity? Relaxing with my husband and/or family and grocery shopping…is that weird that I love grocery shopping?!

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