Beware of Malls…and Bleach

Sweat Stats: Dragged myself out of bed to do the ‘Fab 15’ for my mini workout this morning.  Took me 20 minutes and worked out my entire body, can’t be mad at that!


And More Sweaty Stats: This afternoon after work I headed out for my run- 4 miles, average pace 9:02, boom!  Thats pretty dang good because I’m no speed demon.  I felt good and probably should’ve gone longer!!


Fun Run Pic of the Day


Yup, that’s a dashing gentleman serenading the walkers, runners, and tourists that were by the San Diego Harbor this afternoon.  I run by here all the time and have never seen him before.  He was pretty good too! 

OK, my rant of the day…bear with me: The holiday hustle and bustle is in full swing now!  Stores are always busy, parking lots are a nightmare, and Christmas music is on full blast 24/7.  Why is there traffic in the parking lot on a Monday at noon?! Don’t people work?!  Well technically I was on my lunch, but jeez…it was crazy.  I attempt to avoid the major malls on weekends at all cost during the holidays, so I try to make the most of my lunch hour.  I accomplished 1 gift, and at this rate it’ll take me ’till Easter to finish up my shopping so I better get my booty in gear! For the record, I LOVE the holidays…but hate the madness.  The End.

On a side note, here’s a tip for you in case you didn’t know…don’t ever put a full bottle of bleach on an unstable washing machine.  You’re welcome.  I had the brilliant idea to put a bottle of bleach on the washing machine while it was filling up, and before I knew it I heard a loud crash, and yes, bleach everywhere, rugs and towels ruined.  Awful. That was the beginning to my Sunday morning.  So if you feel like your having a crappy day, just ask yourself…did I spill a full bottle of bleach all over the bathroom floor?  No?  Then you’re doing A-OK compared to me yesterday!

Did you get a workout in today?  What was it? Fab 15 and run.
Do you buy gifts for the holidays? Are you all done with your shopping? Yes, and no…ugh!
What major flop have you had lately? Bleach fiasco 😦

5 thoughts on “Beware of Malls…and Bleach

  1. I did Power 90 Cardio 3/4 dvd yesterday and today I have a 1.5 mile walk/jog (talk about WAY behind on my running since baby and hysterectomy) and then a 30 minute session with my trainer. As for Christmas shopping, DONE (except for the boy’s teacher gifts)! I can match (or maybe top) your fiasco…I am still recovering from a severe steam/boiling water burn on my arm almost a month ago (I’ll show you on Saturday 🙂 AND I tore off half of one of my big toe nails saving Cole from falling off of the couch. I learned two things from this – first off, next time I will just let Cole fall since it would have made him laugh anyway 🙂 and second, nails are VERY important because what is underneath them should NEVER be exposed to the elements…it hurt so bad! Have a great day, girlie!!

    • Oh my goodness, I think you did top my fiasco!! Next time I’m having a rough day I’ll ask myself, do I have all my toenails? Have I spilt boiling water on myself? Then I’m having a good day, haha! We can’t make it Saturday (I’ll text you later), but hopefully we’ll be able to make it up there soon!

    • Yeah, these little circuit workouts can be quick (unless you do it multiple times) and works everything out with very little thought being put into it! I haven’t run further than 5 or 6 miles, I’m def building up after a long hiatus 🙂

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