Meal Planning Monday and Sweat Plan for the Week

Time to get a new week started!  Having a plan keeps me on track and helps me see what I’m eating on any given day, i.e. too many carbs, not enough veggies, etc.  I’m a visual person, so charting it out is way better for me!

Planning usually happens Sunday evening and/or Monday morning – I make the plan to be sure that I have healthy meals and a plan for exercising that week, so here it goes:

Meal Plan 12/10

* Meals courtesy of Susan’s Healthy Gourmet that I’ll be reviewing in a few weeks

The usual suspects for snacks are: cottage cheese with fruit, enlightened yogurt parfaits, hard boiled egg, baby carrots with enlightened black bean dip (recipe’s will be up this week).

Post-Workout Fuel: Horizon’s Organic Chocolate Milk – studies show that chocolate milk has the perfect ratio of protein to carbs for optimal recovery

Working out is just like any other important appointment: schedule it in, get there on time, give it your best.  If we don’t have a plan, we won’t get it done. period.  Even when I don’t actually have it written out, I always have a plan in mind on what I’m going to do each week.  If I ever ask myself, “am I working out today?”  Most of the time I’ll talk myself out of it.   So here it is, my sweat plan for the week:


I like to get a little “mini” workout in every morning. It always varies week by week, it’s always short unless it’s my main workout for the day, and I love getting those endorphins in to get my day started.  Now let me get one thing clear – I hate waking up early to do it!  There’s never a day that I appreciate the earlier wake-up call to get a workout in…but I always feel better once it’s done 🙂  I find that the days I do these mini workouts, I make smarter choices throughout the day.  I’ll stay away from the donuts at the meeting and choose my healthy snack option mostly because I feel good and don’t want to “mess up” what I’ve already accomplished in my day.

There it is – a great start to my week! And remember:


Do you plan meals and/or workouts for the week?  Yup!
What’s your favorite go-to sweat session? Convention center stairs by my house with a short run tacked on, love it!
Are you an early bird or night owl when it comes to working out?  A little bit of both

What Say You?!

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