Skinny Black Bean Dip

I love this recipe! It’s quick, easy, and so delish!!


So here’s a little secret of mine…I don’t like carrots very much.  Please don’t tell on me, other healthy eating bloggers and semi-vegetarians may kick me out of their cool club!  But it’s true, I can only get myself to eat carrots if I dip them into something like hummus, this bean dip, etc.  This can take a toll on the calorie count for the day, but that’s where this bean dip comes in!  Let’s get started!


Get your ingredients together.  This  makes a small batch (about 1/2 cup) but you can double or triple it because it will keep just fine in the fridge.


Throw everything into a mixer or mini food processor like this one.  Don’t have one?  Get one, now.  But in the meantime you can make it the old fashioned way.  Smash up the beans with a “smasher?”  Is that what that mashed potato tool is called?  Well, you get it.  Smash the beans, mix in the salsa and lime, and chop up the cilantro and throw it in.  Boom!   You’re all done, time to enjoy!

Variations:  You can always mix in another type of bean with the black beans (like pinto, garbanzo, etc.) especially if your not crazy about the taste of black beans.  Not a huge cilantro fan?  You can leave it out, but I would suggest at least adding a little bit to give it that tangy, Mexican food taste.  Want some heat in your dip?  Throw in a bit of hot sauce.  So many possibilities with this easy dip.

Uses:  As a dip for any veggie, of course.  I also like using this as a filling for a bean burrito in a wheat tortilla.  This is versatile dip that can be eaten hot or cold.  Want to make it decadent?  You’ll be sacrificing the “skinny-ness” but you could heat it up, add some grated cheese, and enjoy with tortilla chips.

Cal Count: 110 Calories for this entire 1/2 cup batch or 28 calories for a 2Tbl. serving.

There you go, a skinny and easy dip that’ll make you gobble up your veggies!


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