What We Ate Wednesday #3

Here’s a glimpse into what my husband and I eat in a typical day.  I mentioned in the first edition of WWAT that I’m a semi-vegetarian (no meat – only eat seafood), but my husband is not.  I’m the preparer of most the food around here…so here it goes!


Post-Workout – Chocolate Protein Shake and a Banana


Breakfast – Scrambled Egg Whites with Whole Wheat Toast (not pictured, but here it is last week)

Lunch – Sliced Turkey on a Wheat Pita with Lite Buffalo Ranch, Spring Mix, Tomatoes, and Baby Carrots on the side.


Snack – Clif Bar

IMG_1463Dinner – 40 Clove Chicken, Veggies, and Mashed Potatoes (Courtesy of Healthy Grub)


After Dinner Snack – A Bowl Of Kashi Golden Goodness Cereal (he ate too fast for me to get a pic!) 


Post-Workout – Chocolate Milk


Breakfast – Egg and Cheese Sandwich on a Wheat English Muffin, Tomatoes, and Spinach (I added) with Fruit on the side and Coffee in my Fav Coffee Cup (Meal Courtesy of Susan’s Healthy Gourmet)


Lunch – Grilled Veggie Salad with Goat Cheese, Avocado, and my Homey and Olive Oil Dressing


All Packaged Up


Afternoon Pick-Me-Up – Iced Coffee with Nonfat Milk and Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup


Dinner – Chipotle Shrimp Over Brown Rice and Beans with Veggies (Courtesy of Healthy Grub), and I Added Greek Yogurt, Skinny Black Bean Dip, and Avocado.


And since I shared my dinner with the Hubby…

After Dinner Snack – PB on a Toasted Wheat English Muffin Drizzled with Honey on a Festive Paper Plate


Just for fun…my new iPhone case


Do you cook most of the food for your family? Yup
Have you ever tried any healthy food delivery companies? I’ve tried 2 that I’ll be reviewing soon
What’s your fav meal?  That’s a tough one…I think it’s dinner because I get to relax and chat 

What Say You?!

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