What I Ate Wednesday Quicky and a Skinny Girl Giveaway!

Sweaty Stats: yesterday Sadly, none.  Forgot that I had a doctors appointment after work and it ran late…and we went to a basketball game in the evening, so no time.  I know, I know, excuses!  Just means I gotta make it count the rest of the days!!

This weeks “What We Ate Wednesday” is going to be a quicky.  Mostly because I took lame pics (or no pics) and don’t want to bore you with just descriptions.  Who talks about food with no pictures?  Not this girl!


His– Protein shake and banana right after his AM workout, and then egg whites with toast before he left to work.

Me– Leftover egg whites (he made too much and ruined my breakfast plans- I can’t just throw away eggs!) with a spoonful of peanut butter and coffee.  Yes, very random…what can I say?



His– Turkey pita with carrots (and I found some M&M’s leftover in his bag, hmmmm…)

Me– A small protein salad I brought to work (with some roasted chickpeas and black bean & corn salsa I made Monday night, delish),  accompanied by a cup of soup with my friend from work…she twisted my arm to go with her and get some broccoli cheddar soup from Paneras, amazing!

roasted chickpeas and black bean corn salsa

My Snacks: Before lunch I had a yogurt, and before dinner I had a Kashi bar.  Disclaimer- I love other Greek yogurts and would choose them over my 100 calorie Greek Yoplait in a heartbeat, but I go back to the Yoplait for small, low cal snacks because the sugar content is way lower than some of the other varieties. Ever noticed how much sugar is in yogurt?  Crazy!

yoplait yogurt and kashi bar

Dinner: We went to yet another SDSU Men’s Basketball game, and yes, they won!

His– Chicken teriyaki bowl I brought from home

Me– Tuna sandwich (made with plain Greek yogurt instead of mayo ) on my favorite Alpine Valley bread.  We snacked on multigrain chips and some more black bean and corn salsa and added 1/2 an avocado to liven it up…I live on the edge, baby! Also had some peppermint chocolate covered pretzels and M&M’s…didn’t finish all the snacks, but glad I brought them to the basketball game so we wouldn’t be tempted to buy other goodies.


So that’s that.  Had a pretty good day of eats overall.  Now onto some more holiday giveaway freebies! Yay!

WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER- Erin (mrsalexzan)  is the lucky girl who won herself the 2 fabulous BIC Bands giveaway!! Congrats on the awesome win, make sure you email me soon 🙂 What’s her must have accessory for working out?

“Gotta say my iPhone! I use the Nike+ app to track my distance and speed, I love seeing the numbers!” Me too- I must have my iPhone and I use that same app…we must be soul sisters!

For today’s giveaway I have one of my favorite girls!  Skinny Girl that is 🙂

*Edited to add that I just realized we’re on day 7 of the giveaway…oops!  The holidays will do that to a girl.

Skinny Girl Daily

Yup, I’ve decided to share my obsession with you…I love all things Bethenny Frankel.  Not only is she a fabulous, no nonsense kind of girl, but her products are fantastic!  Everything tastes great and leaves you feeling good.  I absolutely love the Skinny Girl Daily line which includes the Cleanse and Restore Green Lemonade – keeps your stomach going (if you know what I mean) without sending you running to the ladies room (now I know you know what I mean!).

There it is ladies and gents, you have a chance to win a box of the Skinny Girl Daily Cleanse and Restore Green Lemonade and a bunch of Vitamin Power Packs in assorted flavors.  This is the perfect giveaway to get you back on track after all the holiday eating you may have indulged in.

To win this fabulous prize pack, all you have to do is:

1. Tell me anything about yourself, Bethenny Frankel, or Skinny Girl products, you choose! 

2. For an additional entry, like me on Facebook (Steph Stays Slim)

3. For even another entry, follow me on Instagram (stephstaysslim)

4. On Twitter (@stephstaysslim) send me a tweet mentioning @BethennyFrankel #SkinnyGirlGiveaway

*For the additional entries for following me on FB, Instagram, and Twitter, make sure you let me know in separate comments*

Giveaway ends on Wednesday December 19, 2012 at 11:00pm PST and the winner will be announced by Thursday afternoon.
The giveaway is open to residents of the Contiguous United States. There will be one winner generated by random.org.
No compensation nor product was received for hosting this giveaway-this is all me people.  All opinions expressed about the product are my own.

14 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday Quicky and a Skinny Girl Giveaway!

  1. The only SkinnyGirl product I’ve tried is the Sangria. Gotta say, I didn’t exactly love it, but I do love Bethenny! Would be great to try some of these products 🙂

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