Giveaways are almost done…get in while you can!!

Happy Sunday!! I was surprised to see that there aren’t a ton of coffee drinkers out there…lots of tea and cocoa lovers too.  Hmmm….weird!  Only 1 comment about the Keurig (which I have  and love!!).  That’s the only way my husband and I can coexist because I love coffee and he hates it.  Not only does he hate it, he hates the smell and everything about it.  The Keurig is the only coffee maker that he can stand because it clean and doesn’t let out too much of a coffee aroma.  So now that you know our intimate love/hate relationship with coffee…on to the winner of the Starbucks gift pack and gift card…

Congrats Janet from Jazies Bowtique!!! Oh the irony, she won the Starbucks prize but doesn’t drink it often!!

Not a hot coffee fan just SOMETIMES I prefer mine iced :-)

What’s the plan for my Sunday, you ask?  I’m off to make Tamales with my family.  It’s our family tradition to get together a day or 2 before Christmas and make a bunch for Christmas Eve’s dinner.  That’s when we celebrate with my extended family, Christmas day is more of an immediate family holiday.  I’ll be taking pics to show you the whole tamale process….which I don;t think I’ll ever be able to do by myself. 🙂

Sweaty Stats: Yesterday- rest day.  Today– we woke up early and ran a couple of miles and did a few sets of the convention center stairs I’ve mentioned before.  In between we got in a few abs and triceps dips too.  Good a.m. sweat session!

sweaty pic

He totally photo bombed me! 

I’m off to hand out with the fam…but I still have time for the second to last “Steph’s Favorite Things” Giveaway!!

So I couldn’t have a “Steph’s Favorite Things” giveaway without including something to do with wine..yes, that right…this girl enjoys her glass of Pinot Noir 🙂 Granted, I can’t send out a bottle of wine as the giveaway prize (there’s rules about that kind of stuff), but I can send out a wine package!

Day 11 GiveawayWine Gift Extravaganza!!! – Well, extravaganza is a bit of an overstatement, but this prize package will include the cutest snowflake wine bottle stopper, some wine charms, some amazing dark chocolate that I’m a high fan of, and a few other wine related goodies 🙂 I apologize for the lack of pics, I’m rushing to get the the Tamale making party!!

keep calm and drink wine


So here’s the deal, to enter:

1.  Do you like wine?  No alcohol at all?  Whats your preference?? 

2. For an additional entry, tell me on Facebook (Steph Stays Slim) what’s your wine of choice.

3. For even another entry, follow me on Instagram (@stephstaysslim).

4. On Twitter (@stephstaysslim) send me a tweet mentioning anything! 

*For the additional entries for following me on FB, Instagram, and Twitter, make sure you let me know in separate comments*

Giveaway ends on Monday morning  December 24, 2012 at 6:00am PST and the winner will be announced by Saturday afternoon. *I’ve extended the giveaway a bit since I got this post up later than usual*
The giveaway is open to residents of the Contiguous United States. There will be one winner generated by
No compensation nor product was received for hosting this giveaway-this is all me people.  All opinions expressed about the product are my own.

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