Big Winner

And the winner of the final “Steph’s Favorite Things” giveaway is:

Nicky!!! yay, congrats! You’ll have a bit extra dough to help you with you after Christmas shopping endeavors!

So what’s in the books for everyone today? Christmas is over, now what? I’m off to get a workout in, clean, and maybe I’ll even muscle through the mall for a few good deals. Since this post is bring written via my iPhone at my parent’s house, I’ll keep it short and quick for now.

What do you do the day after Christmas?


I’ll leave you with a nice little pic of me relaxing with a glass of wine in my new slippers


One thought on “Big Winner

  1. After Christmas plans are all about recovery…I eat very little the day or two after Christmas because I’m just over eating. I spend A LOT of time going through the boys’ things and putting together bags for Salvation Army and getting all the new goodies in their places. I also take down and pack up all the decorations and get my house back to normal. Unfortunately I’m behind this year between the baby and me being sick, but this weekend it is on 🙂 Glad you had a nice Christmas!!

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