Christmas is Over…Now What?! Post-Holiday Stay Slim Plan

Sweaty Stats: yesterday ran 3.5 miles, and walked the last 1/2 mile.  Felt good but def tough after staying up late, eating food outside the norm, and just being in a holiday state of mind.

I’ve been a bit MIA the past few day because I’ve been enjoying the days with my family, doing all the fun family stuff that comes along with the holidays.  What are some of your traditions for Christmas?  We always go to my Grandma’s house on Christmas eve, eat tamales, do the White Elephant gift exchange and open gifts at midnight.  Anyone else do this too?  This was the first year I did 2 new things: played the dice game ‘left-center-right’, and spent midnight at with JC’s fam…something about being married now and splitting our holiday-family time.  Anyone else do the time split too?  How do you make it work?

oh christmas tree

At my Grandma’s house

playing left center right

Playing ‘Left-Center-Right’

left center right

If you’ve never played it, go buy it (I got it at Target) and have a game night…it’s so much fun!

family at christmas

Celebrating with JC’s family 

Christmas day was spent at my parent’s house in the morning, and then at my brother’s house in the afternoon.  Overall, I had a great Christmas, my Santa Hubby got me my Tom’s that I was hoping for and a perfume (hmmm….was he trying to tell me something?)…there was great company, delicious food, too many gifts, and houses filled with trees and lights.

Christmas has left its mark for 2012…now what?!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a bit more to eat than usual and have a mess to clean up in my home from gifts, baking, etc.,  but now what?  We don’t make resolutions until after the new year, so I guess I should just finish up all the leftovers and keep on the eating trend, right?! No!  Here’s what I try to do for the rest of the “Holidays” so that I don’t feel super restricted, but still have some order in my life and health.

After Christmas Shopping Stay Slim Plan

The “Holidays” are usually kickstarted at Thanksgiving, and continue through the New Year (and maybe a few more days after to accommodate outings with friends, family, etc.).  New Year’s Resolutions always follow suit…yes, I set them too…but I also keep a conscious mind in-between these eating days.

Follow these simple rules leading up to the new year and resolution setting in order to feel good, and look good.

1. Keep Moving:  As easy as it is to stay home in PJ’s, watch movies, and enjoy all the new toys with the kiddos…you still gotta get out there and get some sweaty time in.  Whether it’s out on the pavement, in a gym, or in your living room- don’t put off working out.  This will make the resolutions for living a healthy lifestyle much easier to keep come 2013.

nike running

2. Only Give in Once a Day: Family and friends bring good times, laughing, and eating/drinking – so if you must give in, limit indulgent eating to once a day.  If you know friends are coming over (0r you’re going out) and there’ll be snacks and food, make sure your breakfast and lunch is healthy, protein packed, and veggie rich.  This’ll keep you satisfied even when the goodies come around, and it’ll be much more forgiving on your waistline too.

tilapia salad

3. Keep it Tight:  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, keep wearing your tight fitting clothes when you leave the house!  Avoid the mom jeans (nothing again all the momma’s out there!) and leggings, and bust out the skinny jeans and belts.  This will keep you feeling hot, and looking hot too!  An overly comfy outfit will send you to the drive-though when the hunger pains strike – so think twice when dressing in the am.

tight clothes

OK, not this tight…but you get the picture (source)

4. Be Prepared: Anyone that knows me, knows that I will have snacks in my bag at any given time (yes, I’m ready for the Zombie Apocalypse – otherwise known as hunger).  Between my sister and I, we’ll have enough to feel a class of Kindergarteners if need be because we both become beasts when we’re hungry (sorry sister).  Protein and granola bars, pretzels, trail mix and snacks of that sort fight the hunger when it strikes and keeps me noshing on healthy foods.  This is especially helpful when at a mall and the Cinnabon and Wetzel’s Pretzels are calling my name!

yoplait yogurt and kashi bar

5. Read about Healthy Living: (even if you’re not the epitome of health at the moment).  I keep on reading my healthy living blogs, magazine articles, and books on eating and being healthy even when I’m not following it completely. Why?  Because it keeps my mind in check and makes me aware of what I want to be doing.  I am currently reading “It Starts With Food” – not because I plan on following that lifestyle completely, but because it gives me some insight on what other plans and lifestyles are out there and I especially like learning about the science behind it.  Remember, health is like technology…it’s constantly changing and evolving.  To stay on top of what’s out there I like to stay informed.  I don’t jump on to fads (I’m not much of a plan/diet follower) but I like knowing what’s trending and why.

it starts with food


Stay up on your health game, and come 2013 those resolutions will be attainable and fun!

How do you stay healthy during the holidays?
Any book/magazine/article recommendations for healthy living?
How did you spend your holidays this year?  Traditions?

3 thoughts on “Christmas is Over…Now What?! Post-Holiday Stay Slim Plan

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  2. During the holidays, I have “dates with gym” in my calendar so I see the time marked out and don’t plan anything else. I tend to do this most of the time anyways but around the holidays and when I’m off work, out of the typical daily routine, dates to the gym really keep me on track. My go to fitness magazine is Oxygen and my favorite foodie magazine is cooking light…love the great pictures and variety in both. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations! Church, carols, great food, and family are pretty much my traditions…and snow! But I can’t really control that one;)

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