Just Another Day In San Diego

Sweaty Stats: yesterday went to the gym to work on…everything! I like doing full body workouts when I do make it to the gym because a) I prefer to run or do stairs than go to the gym, so I don’t make it to the gym often and figure  may as well work on everything while I’m here, and b) I’m not trying to be a body builder, so I don’t think working on 1 or 2 body parts “lifting” while at the gym is my goal at the end of the day.  I’m also not an expert on weight lifting, exercising, or anything of that sort so you can take my “expertise” for what it’s worth.  I also went on an easy 2-ish mile run with JC a little later – here’s why:

So I’ve been living in San Diego for pretty much my entire life (we moved here when I was 3) and I recently moved to the center of it all, Down Town, SD.  I love it!! There’s always so much to do, I love being able to go walk to the store, restaurant, coffee shop, etc. It also seems like there’s always something going on – like yesterday.

I was aware of the college football bowl games that happen here in SD (The Holiday Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl) because my husband is a sports fanatic.  When I say he’s a sports fanatic, I mean he knows everything about everything when it comes to ALL sports.  Not only has he played just about every sport, he’s also coached football, soccer, basketball, and baseball! Anyone out there looking for a someone with these skills, let me know…you can have him for a nominal fee!!  I kid, I kid….so any who, turns out there was a parade yesterday for the Holiday Bowl.  He got home from coaching (surprise, surprise) and we took a jog down to where everything was being held.

holiday bowl parade 2012

Some of the balloons we caught at the end of the parade

holiday bowl parade 2012Marching bands from schools all over San Diego county were performing, the veterans were out representing, and of course the local news stations.

holiday bowl parade 2012Then we saw the balloons being deflated, *wonk wonk*

holiday bowl parade 2012

Doing my best to pose on next to the Army truck

holiday bowl parade 2012

JC took a shot at it too

holiday bowl parade 2012

Then I saw this float – empty because it was the end of the parade – and had to get a picture

holiday bowl parade 2012

We ran to catch up with the float…yes, ran!

holiday bowl parade 2012I have no explanation for this one…

So here’s the thing about this parade, I’ve been living in SD forever and didn’t know about it!  This was the first time (that I can remember – sorry mom and dad if you brought me here when I was little) that I’ve seen all this stuff.  I even found a new park on the was back home!  I felt like quite the explorer 🙂

Well, happy Friday!!  I’m off to clean, clean, organize, and clean!  I can’t stand having clutter – JC’s not too bothered with the mess considering when I told him today was a cleaning day, he went golfing, rude.

If you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s post, be sure to check it out hereStay Slim Plan outlines a few tips to keep you motivated and on track after Christmas and leading up to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Is there anything in your city you just recently discovered after living there a long time? A Park and a Parade, it was a big day!
Do you enjoy parades or avoid the crowds? I don’t mind them, but I also don’t go out of my way to go to them.  Maybe once I have kids I’ll go more often (something to keep kids interested for a few hours for free!  Sign me up!!) 


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