Here it Goes: My 2013 Resolutions

This cough and sore throat deal I’ve ben battling through is really cramping my style with getting 2013 started on a good note, but that’s not stopping me from being excited for what the new year has to offer.

The things with me and resolutions is that I rarely complete them with 100% fidelity…*surprise surprise*- Only 90% of people in the US that set resolutions actually keep them.  But I do always make an improvement in what I set out to “fix.”  So here’s my take on resolutions this year: Im going for a better me, not a new me.  Turns out I’m already pretty awesome, so why not resolve to just make me better?!

2013: Better Me Resolutions

2013 resolutions

1. Eat Better (even on the weekends):  Towards the end of 2012, I really got into buying more organic, local (when I could), and just making more conscious food choices.  I’m striving to take that to the next level and bring in a lot more organic foods (both fresh and packaged), make choices that will make me look and feel good, and try new things that I’m not familiar with.  This also means that I want to continue healthy and clean eating on weekends…that’s my weakness – we tend to go out and eat out much more on weekends and I feel like that’s really “undoing” all the hard work I put in during the week.  Everything in moderations – I foresee new recipes coming soon!

2. Track Miles: I used to really put in a lot more miles running when I was training for races, but in 2012 I didn’t run any races, and I noticed that my mileage went down significantly.  This one is just for fun, but my goal is to up my mileage every month, and run at least 2 half marathons this year.


3. Hit the Mat: I want to bring back my love for yoga and pilates.  I haven’t been consistent with it, and it’s such a great toner and helps with my flexibility so I need to get back at it more consistently.  I’m shooting for at least once a week – I even got a new mat I’m excited to use!  (yes, it’s still in the packaging)

yoga mat

4. Grow Blog:  As you may know I am a blogging newbie, so I have set goals for growing Steph Stays Slim!  That means readerships, ambassadorships, and meeting and inspiring new people along the way.  Exciting!!

5. Go Green:  I am not trying to go crazy green, like reusing toilet paper or anything like that!  But I would like to be more green and eco-friendly.  This definitely means different things for everyone – for me it’s reducing plastic bags and disposable plates, using more reusable water bottles, and NO styrofoam.  I am copying my friend’s (TupperBecca) eco-to-go containers…more on that later, but I now bring my own to-go container when we eat out so I don’t have to use their disposable containers.

6. Try Something New:  I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, but I want to try something totally new that I would never think of doing.  Maybe it’s a new workout, a cooking class, who knows!  I just want to bring something new into 2013.

So there’s what I have planned to make 2013 better than ever!  You may have noticed that most of my resolutions have to do with health.  That’s because fitness and eating right really drives how I want to feel – strong, fit, and healthy.

What do you have planned to make 2013 even better?
Do you make resolutions?  Ever keep them?

6 thoughts on “Here it Goes: My 2013 Resolutions

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  2. Great resolutions! I’m also fighting this throat thing and it is cramping my style big time 🙂 My goals for 2013 all revolve around BALANCE…this is my focus with everything on my plate from my full time job, my almost 8 and almost 1 year old boys, being a wife, having tons of family, staying in touch with friends, and of course fitting in me time to stay healthy, active, and sane. I plan to run my first half marathon in June and hopefully one or two more before the end of the year. I plan to take a trip with just the hubby and also do a fun family trip over the summer. I plan to keep working out and eating right at the top of my list. This year we will also be returning to church after a little break through my pregnancy and 2012. Should be an amazing year and I can’t wait to get back to my “normal” self 🙂

    • Wow, that sounds awesome Lisa! You’ve got you’re priorities set, but glad you’re putting aside some “me time.” Can’t wait to hear about you half marathon training and race, have you chosen the one in June already? Keep it up girl!

      • Thanks! I’m doing the Fontana Days 1/2 on June 1st and then the Mission Inn Half or 10k in November. Hoping to fit in a Rock N Roll Half, too, but haven’t looked up the dates yet 🙂 This whole working mom thing is really getting in the way of my goals, though…haha. So hard, but if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth it! Have a great day!!

  3. Moderation certainly is the key for anyone wanting to eat better–constantly eating bland “healthy” food turns meal-time into boring-time! The trick is to find recipes with healthy ingredients that’s new to you–much more fun!

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