Finally Figured it Out…

Sweaty Stats: Yesterday ran an easy and slow 3 miles. I’m still battling this gross cough and sore throat…and I’m going on 2 nights of not sleeping very well – time for operation get my act (for lack of a better expletive) together.

I came home from my run, and began a pity party for myself. Wasn’t feeling that great, definitely wasn’t looking that great, and just felt like I needed to do something to get out of this cold induced funk. I hate taking cold medicine for too many days because it gives me this yucky feeling, so I was on a mission to fix myself. I started looking for something to eat and finally realized that my kitchen wasn’t stocked with the usual staples. I quickly grabbed a lonely protein bar, grabbed my PURSEmafia tote (keeping to my being green resolution) and headed out to the grocery store. Yes, I was still in my sweaty workout clothes. I’m sure everyone that encountered me appreciated that.

I stocked up and headed home determined to make something with the vitamins and nutrients my body was screaming for! I realized that my diet these past couple of weeks had a lot more fat and carbs that I usually eat, and very little fruits and veggies. I’m convinced this is why I’ve been feeling under the weather and haven’t been able to kick this cough. No, I’m not a doctor…I operate off of the good ‘ol “hunch.”

I whipped up a lighter version of broccoli cheddar soup – it was pretty good, but I’m still perfecting the recipe. It has no butter or heavy cream and very little cheese, so I’m still working on it.

broccoli cheddar soup

This was exactly what I needed. Although I continued to lounge around…I mean come on, the soup was good…but I wasn’t about to go fix the fiscal cliff crisis or anything. I was feeling much better and even mustered up the strength to go on a walk. I can never say no to a walk, so when JC asked…I threw on some (clean) workout clothes (yes, I showered first) and headed out.

downtown san diegoWhile on our walk, we saw this:

window washers with a poolThere were window washers up high on the side of a hotel, with an inflatable pool catching the extra water…is this normal?! It seems like someone would’ve invented something better than this by now, no?

Came home to another nutrient packed meal of tilapia and sautéed spinach and am called it a night. I have an exciting meeting in the morning…big news coming soon 🙂

Does the food you eat affect the way you feel?
Any cough and sore throat remedies you can share? I am in desperate need of something…anything!

5 thoughts on “Finally Figured it Out…

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  2. What I eat definitely effects how I feel and if I can fight off yucky stuff! I’ve been fighting what you are, but for probably six weeks now (hard to kick when only getting 4-6 hours of broken up sleep a night 😦 my poor teething baby boy). I started using essential oils a couple weeks ago and I am really loving them. I put a couple drops of lavender, peppermint, and lemon drops in a shot glass of water and shoot it three times a day, plus I rub an essential oil blend on my chest before bed. Since I started doing this I just feel run down from lack of sleep, but not the strong “sick” symptoms with it. I’m all for all natural remedies so I’m happy a good friend told me about the oils. They completely ended Cole’s cough within 24 hours, too, and he was up two hours straight coughing the night before starting the oils. I didn’t get the cough part luckily. Good luck, girlie!!

  3. i swear by sea salt/warm water gargle for a sore throat… it at least 3 times per day.

    strong ginger tea with honey and lemon is good too (simmer fresh, sliced ginger in water, until it’s as strong as you can stand it, then add honey and lemon). hope you feel better soon!

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