The Calming Effects of Yoga…and Shopping

Sweaty Stats: Yesterday I did my best ‘ommmm’ and took to the mat for some Yoga.  I usually do Yoga at home with a DVD or something On Demand through my cable provider.  Today is was Jillian Michaels kicking my butt!

Jillian Yoga Meltdown


If you’ve never tried Yoga because you’re intimidated by the poses and flexibility, get over it and do it!  Yes, I’ve won a sensitivity award from my friends and family.  But really, I am by no means a “Yogi” but I like doing it and get good and sore from the poses.  I first tried it at home in my living room early in the morning so that the husband wouldn’t walk in and see me looking ridiculous, but after a while I really got into it and even look semi-normal doing it.  I have tried classes at a couple of studios and enjoy it, but I don’t go regularly because it’s pricy.  A one-time investment in a DVD is much more doable that $15-$20 per class.  Fortunately I live right around the corner from the Downtown San Diego Lululemon store and they offer a free class every Saturday morning.  (Part of my resolution is to get back into practicing Yoga more often)

Yoga was actually what I credit to helping me fit into my super tight wedding dress…don’t worry, it was a good tight – not slutty inappropriate tight.  Yoga really put everything into place and made the dress look amazing!  So if you’re looking for an extra push and feel like you’re already pretty active, try Yoga for a few months, you’ll thank me later 🙂

I actually didn’t start my day with the Yoga, I started with an exciting blog related meeting with a local chain health-grocery store….future partnership coming soon!  So excited, can’t wait to share more later once all the details are hammered out.

After my meeting, I treated myself to a little shopping and headed over to Downtown La Jolla.  If you’re in Southern California and make your way to La Jolla, they have amazing restaurants, great ocean views, and lots of shopping.  It’s a great street lined with a bunch of stores (both big name and local) to spend some moola or window shop.

No luck at Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, or Gap…

La Jolla ShoppingAnd then I saw this…Hello Lover…

Lululemon La Jolla

I had to restrain myself, because let’s be real…their stuff is expensive!  But that doesn’t stop me from loving it.  Luckily, I totally scored…I spotted the little clearance area and found exactly what I needed – black compression sock for only $19!!! Total shopping victory for the day 🙂

Lululemon Compression SocksI figured it couldn’t get any better than that, so I paid and ran out before they realized the deal I got.  A few weird looks, but whatever.  Got home just in time – I was getting hungry and about to turn into a beast.  Had some leftover Broccoli Cheddar soup from yesterday.  It was much better today.  I mentioned yesterday that I made this soup with no heavy cream, no butter, and very little cheese – since I took out all the elements that make it decadent, I’m still playing around with the recipe, but it was good on day 2.

soup and salad

Took another walk after lunch before I got to the Yoga session in my living room – a full belly + yoga = no good for anybody!  Then I got the urge to try out another recipe – shrimp and crab stuffed deviled eggs.  Let me just say, OMG. I saw my friend make these for a holiday party but they were a bit more indulgent (read – fatty) than I wanted, so I lightened them up and gave it a try…total success – they’re delish!  I’m still figuring out the protein and calories, so I’ll leave you with this:

seafood deviled eggs

Going to have a few of these with some salad for dinner.  The recipe will be up by this weekend.

Thanks for all the sore throat and cough remedies, the tea with honey and salt water gargle (2 separate remedies – that would be gross) were a part of my day!  I’ll do another round for the next couple of days, but I’m already feeling better!

Do you practice Yoga?  Do you want to but haven’t given it a try?
Ever been to a Lululemon store?  What’s your favorite Lulu item?
Eggs – love them or hate them?  I LOVE them, so I’m always looking for some lighter versions of my favorite egg recipes.  


2 thoughts on “The Calming Effects of Yoga…and Shopping

  1. I love eggs! I’ve never been to lululemon, the closest one to me is 2 hours away. Everything there is sooo expensive. I probably wouldn’t buy anything. Your soup looks delish!

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