Crab and Shrimp Deviled Eggs Recipe

As promised, I am sharing my new favorite variety of deviled eggs.  I’ve mentioned before that I love eggs and am always looking for new and healthy ways to lighten up some of my favorite egg recipes.  When I saw my friend make these for a holiday party, I knew I could jazz them up and cut the calories.  So here it goes!

crab and shrimp deviled eggs

Gather everything up!

crab and shrimp deviled egg ingredients


3 Hardboiled Eggs (and 1.5  yolks – we will only use half)
2 Tbls. Chopped Crab Meat 
5-6 Medium Cooked Shrimp
2 Tbls. Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt
1 tsp. Dijon Mustard
Salt, Pepper, and Paprika to taste


1. Shell the eggs and cut in half.  Pop out the yolks and only save half (1.5 yolks).
2. Chop up the crab and shrimp finely.
3. Combine the crab and shrimp with the yogurt, yolks, and mustard in a small bowl and mix well.  Add salt and pepper to taste.
4. Lay out the 6 egg white halves on a plate and begin evenly filling the center with the mixture.  
5. Sprinkle with paprika (optional) and serve!

Nutritional Stats: 

Serving Size – 1 egg (2 halves), Calories- 75, Fat- 2.5 grams, Protein- 9 grams

Tips: I used imitation crab because I could’t find regular crab meat not in it’s shell.  You can use canned shrimp and crab if you’d like, It was actually cheaper at my grocery store to buy the shrimp at the seafood counter.

Go make some today!  You’ll love them and friends will be impressed with the seafood variety of this traditional appetizer food.  I enjoyed 2 eggs with a salad for dinner and it was filing and protein packed.  Enjoy!

Let me know if you try them!
What is you go-to skinny appetizer food?
Any fun plans this weekend?

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