5 Days – 5 Different Salads…Challenge Accepted

Sweaty Stats: Friday I ran with my new Lululemon Compression Socks – Had a good 4.5 miles run, but had a minor set-back…my toe was gross and bloody after the run.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?!  It had nothing to do with the socks…I’ll save you too many gory details, but my tow nail was the guilty culprit and really messed me up for a couple of days.  Couldn’t do much on it this weekend, so I took a break and will get back at it today. Still too early to tell how in love I am with my new socks.  I need to get some longer runs in them 🙂

compression socks


I still have 1 week off from work – yes, I’m bragging – so my meal planning is still not back on my normal OCD track.  Fortunately I did get some good meals in last week and weaned off the sugar, carbs, and fat overload from the holidays.  I got back on track with eating a lot more salads (I try to eat a salad a day most days of the week) and realized that I’m in a salad rut!

Anyone else get in a rut with cooking and preparing meals?  I tend to get on a kick with one type of food and overload myself with it – so another mini goal I have set for myself this year is to prepare more of a variety of meals.  Same type of healthy stats, but more variation.  So my challenge this week – have 5 different salads this week.  Challenge accepted! 

Steph Stays Slim Salad Challenge:  Here’s the Plan!

Monday: Citrus Shrimp and Avocado Salad

Tuesday: Mexican Cesar Salad

Wednesday: Pear and Goat Cheese Salad

Thursday: Buffalo Veggie Salad

Friday: Fish Taco Salad

Are you up for the challenge?!  Give it a try – I always try to make the most of the ingredients I already have on hand.  This also helps me use up random foods/condiments/spices that get accumulated in the kitchen.  I’ll post the salad recipe daily, let me know what salads you’re trying out this week too!

I’ll leave you with a few sights from the weekend:


Midday Frozen Yogurt Run

Donovan's Happy Hour

Happy Hour with my Main Squeeze 


Early Birthday Present…A Total Surprise from my Hubby!

How are your resolutions going?  Any new challenges?
Salads – Love or Hate them?  Any go-to’s?


2 thoughts on “5 Days – 5 Different Salads…Challenge Accepted

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  2. I get in big time salad ruts. I just don’t like making salads, but I love eating them when someone else makes them…haha. I am trying to incorporate them more this year at home! Right now I’m on a soup kick trying different recipes and tweaking them to make how I want…tonight is cauliflower soup and I made my creamy tomato soup last night. Yummy! Have a great week!!

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