There’s a First for Everything

Sweaty Stats: Yesterday I ran 6 miles, whoo hoo!! That’s the longest run I’ve done in a while!!  I was really stoked that I ran that far (I was ready to quit at 5) and what’s even better is that I had negative splits doing it!!  My average pace was 9:24 minute miles.  Not bad considering it’s a longer run for me, and I was able to run negative splits, I’ll take it!

horizon chocolate milk

Post-run Fuel

I was dragging ass my butt to get my run started because the husband and I decided to go out on the town and hit up one of my favorite spots, “The Shout House.”  It’s a dueling piano bar here in Downtown San Diego, and they put on such a good show every time!  We stayed up later than usual and had a few drinks, so come run time I was a bit unmotivated.  I went out thinking that I was shooting for 6 miles, but I’d be happy with 5.  JC actually decided to run with, me and having him by my side the entire run was definitely a motivator.  He’s super speedy so we rarely go on runs longer than 1 or 2 miles together.  He’s going to help me work on my speed coming up in the next couple of weeks to get me in better shape for my first half marathon of 2013 (I’ll share more on that in a later post!).

the shout houseThe Shout House

I have some disappointing news to share:  I failed my salad challenge *wonk wonk* – why you ask?  Well I didn’t have a salad yesterday (Friday).  Why you ask?  Because we had a super late breakfast at 1:00 after our run and just snacked a bit before we headed over to my besties house for the evening…she’s having a Gender Reveal Party! I hope you’ll forgive my lack of a salad post, I’ll make it up to you next week!  I’m missing the Buffalo Veggie Salad and the Mexican Cesar Salad – be ready to see these next week!

OK, I must first begin with the disclaimer that my best friend is pregnant, she is not revealing her gender as a result of a gender change surgery or anything like that.  One may be confused without this little detail being put out there.  So now that we’re all on the same page I’ll continue…She is gathering some family and friends to announce if they’re having a boy or girl, since I am the best friend I already know! Buahahahaha!!  And since I already know, I’m under strict instruction to act surprised.  I’ve been practicing all day in the mirror, I think I’ll nail it!

sam the cooking guyHere we are with Sam the Cooking Guy at a special event

This whole baby/pregnancy/gender reveal stuff is all new to me because she is the first of my close friends to be pregnant.  We don’t really have any kids in my immediate family either, so all this is like a foreign language to me!  The only thing I know how to do is buy baby stuff…good enough, right?

Well I wanna be a good best friend and support her in her pregnancy, so I’m putting it on you!

What are some cool, fun, memorable things that I can do for her throughout her pregnancy?
What’s the best thing someone did for you when you were pregnant?
Ever been to a ‘gender reveal party’?

OK, OK…I’ll let you in on the secret too….




One thought on “There’s a First for Everything

  1. Congrats to your best friend…boys are the best thing ever and her life is about to get infinitely better (even when it doesn’t feel that way for her…haha)! When I was pregnant I loved most when my girlfriends treated me normal still…haha. Also, it is nice when the mom to be gets a little treat for herself (pjs, massage, slippers, pedi, etc.)…the baby will have plenty 🙂

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