WIAW and My Plan for the Month

Sweaty Stats: Yesterday I ran with my buddy…we got through 4 miles before it got too dark.  I finished up with some abs and pushups and home.  I need to start doing more weights and core work…I’ve been a cardio junkie for too long!  It’s time to tone up some more 🙂

I’m back to work…yes, I realize most of you have been back to work for a while now, but for me it was still a bummer!  I love my job, but come on – I love staying home more!! It was tough waking up and getting my butt in gear, but fortunately I did plan for the rough wake-up call in the morning and had everything ready to go in the morning.

Rise and Shine:

breakfast of champs

Started the morning with my Enlightened Green Protein Shake, Coffee, and Water – ‘Cups Galore’ is back in full force! 

Mid-day Fuel:

mexican cesar salad

I was hungry by 11;00!  I think my body was still adjusting to being up so early –So I broke into my lunch and made a smaller version of the salad I planned on having –

  • Mexican Cesar Salad: Romaine lettuce, avocado, Soyrizo Sauté (Soyrizo, black beans, and corn sautéed together), Greek Cesar Dressing (1 Tbl. Lite Cesar Dressing, 1 Tbl. Non-fat plain Greek yogurt, a bit of lime juice).

greek cesar dressing and soyrizo

Couple hours later this happened –

panera broccoli cheddar soup

Broccoli Cheddar Soup from Panera – So delicious and I couldn’t pass up a chance to catch up with my work girls after a few weeks on not seeing them! 

Post-Run and Dinner:

Another Green Smoothie for my post-run fuel and dinner – I’m going to be having a smoothie for dinner for the next week, why?  Part of my January plan below.

Night Time Snack:

cottage cheese bowl

½ Cup Cottage Cheese with Fruit and Granola

The way my personality works is that I like having goals and a plan – whether it’s an upcoming race, fitness goals, weight issues, etc…I like working towards something.  The times I haven’t had some kind of plan is when I’ve noticed that I drop off more than usual.  Like anything else, nothing is set in stone and stuff happens, but I’m a lil ODC (have you noticed?!) and this is just what works for me.

So for the remainder of January I am planning on modifying my meals a bit.  I still feel like I’m not in my normal, feeling fit ways and want to jumpstart that a little more.  For me, the “new year” always starts when I go back to work after the holidays because this is where I have more set routine and times.  Since yesterday was my first day back, I figured this would be a perfect time to try this out.

One week on, one week off is my approach:

  • The week I’m “on – Green Protein Smoothie for breakfast and dinner, lumch will be something a lil heavier than just a salad.
  • The week I’m “off Eat pizza everyday Have a protein shake a day or every other day, but not for 2 meals.

Before everyone gets up in arms, my protein shakes are actually pretty nutrient rich, so as long as I get in a good lunch, I’ll be fine with this lighter dinner.  Here are the nutritional stats of the my shake.

enlightened protein shake

*Disclaimer, In case you haven’t figured this out by now, I’m not a doctor.  Don’t do this unless you consult a doctor.  The End*

I’ll leave you with this lil gem I saw in a restaurant this weekend 🙂

in lard we trust

Are there any short-term goals you’ve set for yourself for the remainder of January?
Do you have protein shakes as meals?
What’s the best thing you ate yesterday (just for fun!)? 

One thought on “WIAW and My Plan for the Month

  1. I had a protein shake last night after my PT session 🙂 I have one most days, but I recently mixed up my eating routine and it had been almost a week since I last had one. I started doing intermittent fasting and I LOVE IT! I feel so much better, more energetic, more focused at work, etc. J is doing it, too, and really liking it. Have a great day!!

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