I’m Sick…and No, It’s Not an Excuse

Sweaty Stats: Yesterday NONE!  I had planned on going to the gym and maybe even a yoga class, but my lingering cough got the best of me.  This cough has been on and off for a lil while now, but the past 2 nights have been awful, especially Tuesday night.  I’m surprised I didn’t lose a lung in the process.  Didn’t make it to work, and obviously didn’t make it to the gym.  I consider making it from the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom enough of a workout.

being sick cartoon source

Once I got tired of watching TV (well, once I finished all my DVR’ed shows) I started in on my inbox.  I get emails form just about every “healthy” website/magazine/etc. so my inbox is outta control.  I rarely get emails from actual friends.  Sad, I know.  So any who, I came across several interesting articles I thought I’d share instead of just complain about how crappy I feel for 4 more paragraphs 🙂

Prevention magazine just put out a list of the top 20 excuses that holds us back from our health and fitness goals.  What do you think?  Do you use any of these? Let’s see how many of these I’m guilty of. Yes

“Stuck in a fitness rut? Too stressed out for sex? Bored with veggies? Here, new secrets to overcome the biggest roadblocks to the healthy life you’re aiming for.” source 

So not too bad…some of them do pertain to me, but it’s actually better than I thought.  Check out the link for tips to fight some of these excuses you may be guilty of.

What else am I doing while I sit here in bed?  Looking up recipes.  Doesn’t everyone do that?  I think enchiladas are going to be a part of our weekend.  I want to see how healthy I can make them without giving up the cheesy goodness!




And finally, a sick day in bed wouldn’t be complete without a lil trashy gossip column “news” – source

shakira pregnantWhoa!  Am I the only person in the world that didn’t realize Shakira was this pregnant?!

Well I’m off to hit up some more meds and get to bed.

What do you so when your sick?
While trolling the internet, do you have a “routine” of sites you hit up first?
Have you been able to avoid the bug…maybe I should’ve gotten the flu shot, any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “I’m Sick…and No, It’s Not an Excuse

  1. It has been almost three months now for me (lack of sleep doesn’t help)…I finally caved and got an antibiotic a week ago, which helped, but I still have the scratchy throat, annoying couch, and overall run down feeling. J and the boys, too, and almost all of my coworkers. I think the change in weather and temps is a big part of it and seasonal allergies. I also planned to workout yesterday, but went straight home and got in my pj’s instead. Our bodies need extra rest some times…hope you feel better today!

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