I’m Back From the Dead

Sweaty Stats: There’s not much to report since I’ve been sick…but here it goes – Saturday I ran (I use the term ‘ran’ loosely) 2 miles and did some random excercises with my hubby like cruches, push-ups, modified pull-ups…etc.  What are ‘modified pull-ups you ask?  Where he lifts me up while I attempt with all my stregnth to pull myself up!  Yup, it works.  Monday I ran 3 miles and did some more outdoor stregnth moves with him.  Then on Tuesday I ran a whopping 5 miles with my runing buddy Katherine. 

You may have noticed (I hope you noticed) that I took a lil time off from the blogging world.  This is pretty much because I haven’t been feeling good and have been battling this darn cough.  Yup, this flu virus chewed me up and spit me out, but I think I’m back for good now!  Even though I made it back to work on Friday and was out and about a bit over the weekend, I still finished my days exhausted and mentally drained, does anyone feel me on this?!

So what did I do over this hiatus and virus enduced period?  Continued to catch up on TV…lots of it!!


Vanderpump Rules


Real Housewives of Miami


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills



A lil trash TV mixed in with Homeland…I like to diversify. 

Big day tomorrow…My 30th Birthday, yay!!

I don’t say this enough, but thank you for coming back and reading my lil blog! XOXO


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