Dirty 30

Sweaty Stats: Yesterday I did nothing…but wait, I have a good reason!  I had a hair appointment 🙂  My roots were outta control and couldn’t start my 30’s with bad hair, so I got all beautified and didn’t get a chace to workout.


hair before


hair during


hair after

Not the best pics, but you get the point!

Today I enter a new decade, and I’m so excited!!  It really is something that I’ve been reflecting on and have taken some time to appreciate all that I have accomplished.  I am so happy that i get to share this with my loving and supportive husband…and he always knows how to treat me right for my birthday!


Oh, and by the way…today is also National Peanut Butter Month!  My b-day and a special day forone of my favorite foods?!  Best. Day. Ever!

being 30

Anyone feel me on this one?!

Any special traditions you have for your birthday? My husband tries to take me out for a treat everyday for the week leading up to my birthday – Monday was Burger Lounge, Tuesday was Pinkberry for frozen yogurt, Wednesday was a wine bar, and today…we’ll see!
Do you have a milestone year coming up? Dirty 30!



3 thoughts on “Dirty 30

  1. Happy Birthday! I didn’t workout yesterday either and for the same reason 🙂 Jenn got me all hooked up again so no more yucky hair…have a great day girl!!

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