Post 30th B-Day…I Feel…

Sweaty Stats: Yesterday…come on, do you really think there’s sweaty stats to report?!  You guessed it, I ate and drank and didn’t workout.  Great way to start my 30’s, no?  But I do have a good run planned for this afternoon.  I’m hoping the rain lets up long enough to go run outdoors because I HATE treadmill runs!  Oh the difficult life I live 😮

Today I am 30 years old + 1 day, and I feel….like I did a week ago!  I loved my birthday and the celebrations are not over yet, but I really don’t feel down or blue just because of a number.  I mentioned before that I am actually really excited to be entering this new stage in my life.  So what’s next for me in the coming days to continue the shananigans?! Dinner tonight and some dancing tomorrow.   Fun Fun Fun!

Yesterday my best girlfriends made my day by taking me out to lunch to one of my favorite places, California Pizza Kitchen!  Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza..please tell me you’ve tried this before!  It’s outta this world! pear and gorgonzola pizza


Then I went over to my parent’s house and saw this lil set-up 🙂  I guess you’re never too old to be spoiled my mom and dadBday Table

We had chinese food and just relaxed…best way to wrap up my birthday- good food, great parents, and amazing husband.


Bday Collage

This is the most amazing brownie my mom makes…it has condensed milk, chocolate chips, nuts, coconut…and it’s amazing!  Then my grandma made me her famous Mexican rice pudding (arroz con leche).  I don’t even know what to say…pizza (and wine 🙂 ), chinese food, brownie, and rice pudding!  Can you say Carb Overload?!

I’m looking forward to getting in a good workout (indoors or outdoors!) and getting dolled up for dinner with my husband tonight. 

Any fun plans this weekend?
Do you have a favorite dessert that mom or grandma makes?
Any tips on being 30 🙂 ?

One thought on “Post 30th B-Day…I Feel…

  1. 30s are AWESOME! Glad you had a great birthday!! Enjoy the rest of your festivities…wish we could join in the fun (you will understand when you have an infant…your life gets hijacked for a while…hehe). Happy Friday!!

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