Pinterest Addict

Sweaty Stats:Yesterday I had to run indoors, boo!  I got 2 miles on the treamill (that felt like 2 hours of running…it wasn’t) before I called it quits and hit the stationary bike.  I like the bike because it makes it easier for me to read while I’m working out, but it’s tough on my legs!  I always start out thinking it’s “easy,” but it kicks by butt everytime!  After the bike I did some core work and called it a day.  I didn’t get my normal outdoors run in because I finished up my grocery shopping a lil later than I hoped and by the time I got home and settled, it was starting to get dark.  With a running buddy I would’ve been fine, but when I’m solo I’m a total wimp. 

bic band

Trying to show off my Bic Band for a run that ended up being indoors 😦

I had the most amazing dinner last night, but like a total loser I forgot to take pictures! So let me paint a picture for you…close your eyes, well that won’t work because you won’t be able to read this, but you get the point…

  • Salmon burger patty from Costco (frozen section) on a whole wheat sandwich thin bread. 
  • Here’s the fantastic part, I topped the Salmon patty with a seared sweet pepper and carmelzed mushrooms and onions.  I also threws some spinach on top of all that.
  • Here’s the kicker…yogurt aioli that I made with: plain Greek yogurt, canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, lime, honey, cilantro, salt and pepper.  It’s was absolutely amazing and even used is as a dip with my baked sweet potato fries. 

sweet peppers

I am definitely making this again next week and I’ll be sure to take lot’s of pics! 

So have I mentioned lately that I’m addicted to Pinterest?!  I can’t get enough of that dang website.  I want to be that cool girl that doesn’t think Pinterest is cool…but I can’t!  I get so many dinner ideas from this website too!  I rarely follow a recipe the way it’s written out, but I can always look at a recipe and figure out how to make it work for me.  I’ve made tons of Pinterest inspired recipes, including my baked sweet potato fries from last night, and protein pancakes I made this morning (I’ll share those tomorrow). 


Want to see what I browse on Pinterest?  Follow me! I have a Steph Stays Slim account, but I use my personal account much more.  Want a Pinterest account?  Email me and I’ll send you the invite.  This is one of those cult-following type sites where you need an invite to open an account…good thing for you, I’m not stingy!

Do you have a Pinterest account?  What do you search for the most?
Are you a strict recipe follower, or more of a ‘lil of this, lil of that’ chef?
What’s the best dinner you’ve made lately that knocked your own socks off?!  Hey, it happens 🙂

3 thoughts on “Pinterest Addict

  1. I also love Pinterest 🙂 I am a total foodie and love reading recipes and talking food…I always improvise recipes to fit my likes or what ingredients I have in the house. Recently I made little egg bakes in a muffin pan with zucchini, onion, red bell pep, green bell pep, and some seasonings along with a little turkey sausage and they lasted me all week, were super easy to make and eat, and tasted so yummy!

  2. Totally have been out of the ‘blog reading routine’ lately…but caught up today. I think I might be trying the yogurt aioli tonight – yum!! A very happy belated birthday to you as well!!

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