Post-Super Bowl Meal Planning Monday

Sweaty Stats: Yesterday I did nothing, Yikes!  I had a super lazy day and actually had to get up off the sofa to stretch! Yup it was one of those days…

This weekend was packed with fun stuff…all of which involved my family.  It’s nice to have weekends filled with laughs, good food, and MORE b-day celebrations!  That’s right…I have been 30 years old for almost 2 weeks and I’m still living it up! 

Saturday my family all got together to celebrate ME again 🙂 Can you tell I love birthdays…although my family already warned me that this is my last big one that I can make last so long, boo!


Birthday Flowers…I came to the conclusion that when you get old (like 30, duh) people give you flowers.  Good thing I love them!

flower birthday card

Gee, thank Tia Eva and Tio Gustavo

30's card

Best. Card. Ever. and yes, they all apply to me 🙂

Moving on to Sunday – The husband and I were at my parents house for 9 hours watching the Super Bowl festivities and eating all of their yummy food.  I’m sure they loved having us there all day.  My dad made burgers for the meat eaters, and beet sliders for me, they were amazing!  I’ll have the recipe up later this week. 

Beet Sliders

Best part about family weekends?  Leftovers!


We came home with lots of goodies, some healthy…and others not so much (yes, there are brownies in there).

So now that you’ve seen all the good, bad, and delicious eats rom this weekend, let’s move on to my planned eats for this week.  Since I havn’t gone grocery shopping and have a lot of random food in the fridge, I’m going to try to work with what we have.

For me:

  • Protein Shakes – I’m loading up on shakes for meals this week since I feel like I indulged a bit too much this weekend.  I like taking a week and keeping it super lean when I know I’ve gone a bit overboard.  (Did I mention I ate cheesecake too!) I have a couple of variations of protein shakes I work with – Green, Coffee Frapuccino, and Banana and Berry are my fav’s.
  • Ceviche – This is a super lean dish since it’s pretty much just shrimp and lime.
  • Chickpea and Veggie Pitas and Salads
  • Snacks: Cottage Cheese and Fruit Bowls, Hard Boiled Eggs

For the Husband:

  • Shredded Chicken Salad – made with Greek yogurt
  • Beef Machaca – stirfry made with shredded beef, tomatos, onions, cilantro, and egg (I’ll use egg whites)
  • Teriyaki Salmon – with brown rice and broccoli
  • Greek Yogurt Chicken –  with brown rice and broccoli

So that’s a wrap for today…enjoy detoxing from all the food (and possibly beverages) from yesterday! 

What was you star dish from yesterday’s Super Bowl menu?
Do you feel like you ate too much?  Or just right?

2 thoughts on “Post-Super Bowl Meal Planning Monday

  1. Ok so I keep saying i NEED to make changes well for me today is the start of my HEALTHYLIFESTYLE I hate diets so this will be better wording to encourage my will power! Had a 1st succesful breakfast w/out tortilla which is usually just out of habit. I had a hardboiled egg & a boiled hotdog. It feels good!! Now which protein shakes do you recommend? I’ve never bought any of that 🙂

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