WIAW – Best. Sandwich. & Salad. Ever.

Sweaty Stats:  Yes!  I worked out yesterday!  It had been a dry spell in the workout department, but I’m happy to report that I went to the gym, hit the elliptical, did some abs moves, and I’m nice and sore today.  Score! 


I had some yummy and healthy eats throughout the day, so here it goes!

1. Started the day with my beloved coffee in my New York mug, followed by a coffee protein shake.  Forgot to take a pic of the shake, but it’s just chocolate protein powder, 8 ounces of water, 2 ounces of fat free milk, and 1 Tbl. instant coffee blended with ice.  I’m all about easy and quick!


2. The girls twisted my arm to go to lunch with them, so we made a pit stop at PF Changs in between meetings.  hadn’t been there in a while and I forgot what great lunch deals they have.  I started with a cup of egg drop soup (not healthy, but delicious) and then had thia amazing salad!  Anything with seared ahi is my favorite – so if you wanna be my friend, get me ahi 🙂

ahi salad

3. No snacks needed because the soup and salad was filling, so I made it all the way ’till dinner time without noshing.  I made my favorite (for right now) open faced sandwich- sandwich thin bread toasted with a bit of cheddar cheese and topped with spinach, hard boiled egg, avocado, and sprinkled with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.  So many amazing nutrients, and it’s just so darn good!

open faced egg sandwich

4. I was in a snacky mood – (this sandwich is delicious, but not super filling.  Usually I have it with soup, salad, or baked sweet potato fries) so I had 1 2 of these lil guys – thin mint with peanut butter.  Have you had that combination?  Try it!  You won’t be able to have a naked thin mint ever again!

thin mint PB

5. Dessert?  Cottage cheese bowl – 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese, strawberries, and granola sprinkled with some cinammon. 

cottage cheese

Boom!  there’s my eats for the day.  Amazing salad and favorite sandwich all in one day?!  Yes, I live an exciting life. 

Dilemma for the day: Do you track calories?  I’m thinking of starting that up again but not if I want to commit to process and obsess over the numbers.  Any thoughts?

One thought on “WIAW – Best. Sandwich. & Salad. Ever.

  1. Same here I love love Ahi 🙂 I’m currently counting my calories with an app. It can be a bit stressful on the weekends but I’ve noticed it keeps me on track 🙂 thanks for the delicious sandwich idea! Will defenitly try this week.

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