Fat Tuesday – Do’s and Don’ts

Sweaty Stats: Yesterday I got a run in – about 4 miles.  Nothing to write home about, but got it done, none the less.   I’m hoping for a much more morale boosting run today…wish me luck!

I had a total dinner failure last night.  Didn’t even take a picture because i was over it.  I planned on sprucing up some canned soup for dinner, luckily the husbands was a success.  He got a Southwest potato type soup and I added shredded chicken and diced zucchini.  He LOVED it.  I made canned mushroom soup for me and added fresh mushrooms and spinach.  The verdict?  It tasted like dirt.  Please remind me that I do not like mushroom soup next time I decide to be spontaneous.  The end.

On to happier things, It’s Fat Tuesday!! Downtown San Diego is gearing up to for a huge street fest tonight.  They’re closing off the street for live bands, boozing it up, and some fun food!  A few years ago we went to New Orleans for New Years Eve…so I’m practically an expert on all things related.   So when you are out celebrating, keep these tips in mind…

Do wear your best feather boa and masksuper dome new orleans

Don’t drink Vampire Bloodvampires blood

Do eat grilled oystersgrilled oysters

Don’t eat alligator sausage…I regretted that choice for a while

Do eat Café du Monde’s beignets…and Do get sleep so you don’t look tired like mebeignet

Do eat and drink your veggies

bloody mary

So there you go, thanks to me you’re all set to have a great Fat Tuesday…don’t take the term “fat” literally when making your choices today 🙂

Ever been to New Orleans?
What are your Fat Tuesday plans?
What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever had?  I think the alligator sausage is right up there with the weirdest food for me!

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