What I Ate Wednesday…On Fat Tuesday

Sweaty Stats: Had a great workout yesterday with my running buddy.  We only ran a couple of miles, but we then we did 8 sets of stairs at the convention center and added 3 circuits of lunges, push-ups, and abs.  Definitely what I needed…plenty of sweatiness and girl talk. 

I have another edition of What I Ate Wednesday for ya’ll…and I even remembered to take pictures of (almost) everything.

Breakfast was light- I wasn’t too hungry so I just grabbed a few handfuls of trail mix.

trail mix

Lunch was delish- Egg salad sandwich made with 1 full egg, and 1 additional egg white.  (*On a side note, I but a big pack of already hardboiled eggs from Costco.  They last about a month and they’re perfect for a quick snack, sandwich, etc.)  It was looking kind of meager when I mixed in the Greek yogurt and Dijon mustard, so I added a few tablespoons of garbanzo beans and mashed them all together.  I’d never done this before, but it was really good. 

egg salad sandwich

And I added some of these chips too.  I had lunch at my parents house (because it was close by and that sounded better than eating in my car on the way to a meeting) and I found these in their cupboard.  Pretty darn good 🙂

rice chips

Post Sweat Session I had my favorite chocolate milk while making dinner (recycled pic because you’ve seen plenty of these!).

Horizon organic chocolate milk

Dinner was my go-to parmesean crusted Tilapia (I buy it frozen and just throw it in the oven) with sautéed spinach.  Of course, I forgot to take a picture of it before I chomped it down, but take my word for it…it was delicious! 

For dessert I finished up the night with my thin mint/peanut butter combo (x2)

thin mint PB

Not too bad for it being Fat Tuesday and all.  It’s getting hectic around my casa because we’re gearing up for Seattle in a couple of days, yay!! I have to pack in only a carry-on bag (which is not how I usually pack!) because Virgin America charges for baggage, so that’s where I’m having some issues.  how do you pack for 4 days in clod wetaher in only an overnight?! Agh!  Get ready to see pics of me wearing the same clothes over and over 🙂

I’ll leave you with a little Fat Tuesday fun pic I took last night while we were walking around and watching all the crazies out in Downtown last night. 

fat tuesday

Did you do anything fun for Fat Tuesday?
Do you track your food?  Calorie counter?  Diary?



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