Vacay Recap and Recovery Mode

Sweaty Stats: Yesterday I did Jillian Michaels Yoga MeltdownI was going to run but I got home later than expected and the gym in our building was full…this was the perfect opportunity to give up, but luckily my girl Jillian got my booty in gear. 

I was coming down from my vacation high and getting back into reality.  My fridge was absolutely empty!  Seriously, there was nothing.  So I made a serious trip to the grocery store and got things prepped…but more on that later.

Seattle was amazing.  If you’ve never been, GO! Here’s what we did (in case you care)-

  • We hit up several Starbuck’s, including the very first one.  It was cool to see merchandise exclusive to that store and I of course got a Pike Place Starbucks mug.  On a side note, my husband never drinks coffee and I’m proud to report that he had 3 coffee’s on this trip!  He’s now a fan.

First Starbucks

  • Pike Place Market:  We went 2 times to eat!  They have amazing seafood at all price points.  The first day we ducked into a little French restaurant (I didn’t think to get the name because I was in a food coma afterwards) and then our last day there we had a grilled prawn sandwich, delish!

Pikes Place Collage

Crumpets with cheese and tomato, freshly made mini donuts, prawn sandwich

  • We drove up to Vancouver for the day.  If anyone has ever been through the San Diego-Mexico border, you know what a nightmare it can be.  This Canadian border was nothing like that!  Everything was pretty and organized and people were actually friendly! Who knew?!


  • It wouldn’t be a trip to Seattle without visiting the Space Needle.  The views were amazing, but it was cold!

Space needle

  • Sprinkled in between, we went to a really cool little wine bar, a few hipster-fun bars, and did a little bit of shopping too. 

So now that I’m back in sunny San Diego (it’s actually raining today) it’s time to get back to the normal routine.  This means grocery shopping and meal prepping.  This is what I made last night to play around with for the week:

  • Batch of  Coach’s Oats oatmeal– This makes it much easier for me to just heat it up and go in the morning (tip-add a lil water or milk to the oatmeal before heating up to make it creamy) 3 servings
  • Batch of Green Protein Pancakes–  Again, making these pancakes in advance makes it easier to throw on a plate or container, heat up and go.  I like topping them with fruit and peanut butter – I live on the edge people. 2 servings
  • Fruits and Veggies–  I cleaned, cut, and stored (in pretty and colorful Tupperware) strawberries, blackberries, romaine lettuce, mini sweet peppers, and asparagus.  This makes healthy snacks, salads, and stirfries easier to get to.  Lots of servings
  • Steamed Chicken Breasts– I steamed (in my Tupperware Smart Steamer) 2 chicken breasts for the man of the house.  I steam them up plain, chop them up, anmd store them for other meals.  I usually toss them in some olive oil, seasonings, and various veggies.  2 servings
  • Broccoli Cheddar Soup– I spruced up some canned soup with extra veggies. 2 servings

As much as I love prepping food for the week, I have to remember not to over-do it.  I try to only make a few servings at a time because I hate when food goes bad!  Unfortunately, life happens and we don’t always stick to 7 planned days of meals.  If I make too much food and we don’t use it all, I just wasted time that I could’ve spent watching the Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I wasted money that I could’ve used to buy shoes or candy or whatever.  Makes perfect sense, right?

Ever been to Seattle?  What was your favorite thing to do there?
Do you makes lots of food in advance, or cook as you go?

2 thoughts on “Vacay Recap and Recovery Mode

  1. Glad you had a great trip! Seattle is definitely on my list to visit! I prep food all of the time and love to make big batches of chili, veggies, etc. to eat off during the week since life is so buys! Good luck getting back in the groove after vacation…I always struggle with that.

  2. Looks like you had a blast! Seattle is on my list to go to soon. We have a meeting there this year that I’m going to try to make. I try to prep at least lunches for the week, it makes the mornings so much smoother. Good luck getting settled back in!

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