I’m Alive!!!

Sweaty Stats:  Ran 6 miles yesterday in the crazy San Diego heat – Don’t get me wrong…I love the heat, I just prefer it while laying out by a pool or beach, not when I’m running.

Well it’s true…I’m alive! Where have I been you ask?  Traveling the world?  Building homes for the homeless?  Feeding the hungry?  Nope.  I’ve been doing the same ‘ol thang I always do…watch trash TV, Facebook stalk people, Instagram food pics, and occasionally get out there and sweat- Gotta get “bikini ready!”

Truth is, I got overwhelmed with work and being a new blogger and just fell off the face of the blogging world.  I realized that blogging helped me stay on track with my own fitness goals (there’s nothing like strangers to keep you accountable, right?)  and it really is fun to interact with new and fun people from all over the world.  So here I am for good!

Here’s some of what I’ve been up to in the past couple of months:

Caught up on The Walking Dead…and then became a zombie

walking-dead-pic Went to the Epic Beer Fest at the SD Convention Center…fun people, not so fun fest, wonk wonk.


Went to Vegas…

…got a tattoo…well I didn’t but I was tempted.  Maybe next time 🙂


Hung out with this lil guy for his birthday party…he even took time away from his friends to take a pic with his cheesy Aunt and Uncle!

nicky-bdayTraining for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon…

10mi…and doing lots of icing in the process!

icingAnd finally…became obsessed with Tupperware (the real stuff!)…but now I need to organize my Tupper-Mess 😦

tupper-messBut lucky for you, with my Tupper-obsession came my love for bento-style snacks and lunch ideas.  Lots more of these coming soon!


So there it is, my life in one blog post…sad, but true.  Come back for more, I promise I’m back for good!

Have you ever fallen off the blogging world for a while?
Why?  And how’d you get back…or did you?
What races do you have coming up?

4 thoughts on “I’m Alive!!!

  1. Welcome back! It was fun to see your post pop up on my bloglovin’ feed:). Glad you’ve been having a good time. Best of luck with your marathon training…I’m working up to my first 10k in a couple months. Got my third 5k of the season coming up soon to help me get there. Happy Spring!

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