Ode to the Elliptical

Sweaty Stats:  Wednesday was a rest day – my feet have been hurting from all the running lately…and don’t even get me started on how horrific they look right know!  Runners, you feel me, right?  Thursday was a cross-training day – Elliptical for 45 minutes along with some abs and leg work.

So, have I mentioned how much I love the elliptical?  I get a great workout that’s low stress, easy on my joints, and I even get to read or watch TV while I’m doing it.  I know there’s lots of people out there that don’t particularly enjoy the elliptical trainer…so for all those naysayers, I present to you:

Ode to the Elliptical

Oh elliptical, how I love you so!
You’re the answer to my prayers,
When I don’t want to get up and go.
You give me lots of choices,
You never let me down.
Whether I choose hills or total body,
I’ll have the best booty in town!
Some days I just want to read,
Or watch TV all afternoon.
Well fear not my friend, 
I can do that on the elliptical too!
I just prop up my iPad,
And open up to my latest read.
Or switch on the TV,
and let the Kardashians take the lead.
Oh elliptical, you always take charge!
Push this way, pull that way,
Go faster, go hard!
Finally my sweat drips down in beads,
And I know I have come to an end.
As I begin to climb off this machine,
“Good Workout” says my fine, elliptical friend.  


How do you feel about the elliptical trainer?  Love it or hate it? What’s your go-to form of cardio besides running?


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