Bottom’s Up

Sweaty Stats:  Saturday was supposed to be our long run day…but because we had way too much fun on Friday night, we postponed the run to Sunday.  12 miles were done and in the books my 9 am!  Woo Hoo!

Nike App

Nike App

So let me backtrack a bit on the weekend events- Friday night we went to the Padres game and got free Knockaround sunglasses, score! If you haven’t seen them before, check them out…they’re awesome!  With a sweet promo code that we scored with our glasses, I ordered all the colors.  Summer, here I come!

Since we were on a free sunglasses high, after the game we kept the fun going and headed over to some of the finest watering holes San Diego has to offer.  And yes, we partook in the libations.  Hence, long run was postponed to Sunday!

Padres Knockaround Glasses

Fast forward to Sunday (Saturday involved lounging and watching movies all day), I was hating having to wake up at 6 am for an early run, but I felt great getting it done by 9 am and having the whole day ahead of us!  We got home, got ready, and headed out to brunch.  Karl Strauss has a hidden little gem in Mira Mesa – their restaurant in set in a garden.  Yes, it was awesome.    We celebrated our friend’s birthday and feasted on Ahi, a Pasta Station, Artichoke dip, and so much more.  They obviously have breakfasty food, but I’m much more of a lunch/dinner kind of girl, so I skipped the sweet and headed straight to the savory.

Karl Strauss Garden

Nice thing about brunch at a brewery? Beer and mimosas, of course!  So after a long run, we got to sit in a beautiful garden, eat delicious food, and enjoy mimosas…bottom’s up!

Karl Strauss Front

Long run this weekend?  how long?
What’s your favorite brunch spot?
Mimosas or beer?

2 thoughts on “Bottom’s Up

  1. Saturday I did 8 miles and was done by 8 am 🙂 Mimosas for sure! I love brunch, but very rarely go so no favorite spot for me. Have a great week, girl!!

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