Random Lil Nuggets

Sweaty Stats: I hit the elliptical Tuesday afternoon and finished up with some legs and abs work.  I wasn’t sore from my long run on Sunday, so it felt good to get back out there.  I’m gearing up for another run this afternoon with my running buddy and actually looking forward to it since I haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks.  Chatting and running may not be the best for form and breathing, but it sure does make the time and miles fly by!

Thank you so much for the bento love from yesterday’s post.  I love hearing from new readers, so keep the comments coming! 🙂

I thought I’d get this Hump- Wednesday going with some randomness about me.  I always like learning lil facts about the bloggers I follow…not that I’m a stalker or anything!  So I’m assuming you want to know about me too, right!?!

  1. I’m Really Competitive – I grew up playing sports and have a hard time giving up the need to win.  It’s sometimes endearing (or so I like to think), but it’s probably mostly annoying…mostly to my husband.


    By the way, I totally kicked my husband’s booty this bowling night.

  2. I Hate Dollar Stores – Why?  I don’t kow, I just do…I love getting a great deals, I welcome the coupons, but I can’t stand the dollar-type stores…not even the dollar bins at Target!  target dollar bins
  3. I’m a Wannabe Yogi – I like the idea of going to yoga classes, I have multiple yoga mats and DVD’s and even Groupon’s I haven’t used (don’t tell my hubby), but I can’t seem to make it a regular part of my workout routine.  I’m lame, I know.Jillian Yoga Meltdown
  4. I was a Nanny in College – I nannied for a family in an upscale beach community here in San Diego and took care of 3 kids (one was a newborn!).  It was the best job ever and totally fell in love with those kids…it was also the best form of birth control ever.  There’s nothing like 3 kids on summer break to make you rethink having kids. nanny-mcpheesource
  5. I Secretly Want a Tattoo – This is definitely on my bucket list of things to do and I even know what I want, but I haven’t gotten up the nerve to do it!  I’m more scared of regretting it than the actual pain itself.  So we’ll see if it ever happens…maybe for my 60th birthday or something. Old Tattooed Lady
Share a random fact about yourself?
Does everyone know thins about you?  Or is it your dirty lil secret?

One thought on “Random Lil Nuggets

  1. Love this post! Now you need to text me what tattoo you want…I have a few on my list including a FULL back piece so there is a random tidbit about me 🙂

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