When in Rome…

Sweaty Stats:  I took Thursday off to let my legs rest a bit.  I’m planning on some elliptical action this afternoon and a long run Saturday.  I gotta say, I usually try to avoid long runs on the weekends because I love waking up and being lazy all morning…but the past few weekends that I’ve done long runs, I’ve felt really good!  There’s something about getting it done first thing in the morning (as opposed to at the end of a long day) that really does it for a girl! I guess all these runners out and about early on weekends are on to something 🙂

Last night we had a movie date night.  Truth be told, my hubby was more excited about the movie than I was, but you can always count me in if there’s a night out in the books!  The verdict?  Eh…it was OK.  Nothing to write home about in my opinion.

Hangover 3

On the upside, I love going to these fancy movie theaters, sitting in the comfy recliners, and ordering food and drinks from the servers.  Yes!! The theater has servers that come to you, amazeballs, I know!



Usually whenever we go to the movies, we rarely buy any food inside the theater.  Why, you ask?  Well aside from the fact that it costs 182 dollars for a popcorn and soda (or something like that), I hate spending a bunch of money AND calories on food that is mediocre at best.  I’m a bit of a foodie snob and don’t like being disappointed.  This is also why I am so picky about restaurants and what to order…I NEVER order on a whim because I want to make sure it’s “worth it!”  Yeah, I’m a gem to be around.

Cinepolis Food

Yes, my feet are up in the recliner while I’m getting ready for the movie.  I had a beer and quesadilla…and relax everyone, we shared the onion rings. 

On to the point of this post…These theaters are definitely the place to break the rules 🙂 Whenever we go to the Cinepolis, we ALWAYS get food and drinks.  Everything is just so good, mmm…And yes, I’m sure they have sensible salads, but who wants a salad when you can have a quesadilla or onion rings?!  Or both, hello!!

So whenever you go somewhere that a lil out of the ordinary, do you splurge?  Or keep it healthy and sensible?  What’s my take?  Hey, when in Rome… 

2 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. SPLURGE! Life is about the splurges, they just can’t be daily 🙂 We are going to a luxury theater on Sunday with Jenn and Ben to see the same movie 🙂 I can’t wait for a little adult time!

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