Weekend Recap…a Day Late

Sweaty Stats:  Ok, I have a few to report on since I was out having fun this weekend and didn’t get a chance to post.   Friday I hit the elliptical and did some leg presses and abs.  I love doing leg presses, but I tend to get really bulky legs so I have to be careful with that one.  Saturday I went on my long run…12 miles, yeah!  I felt OK, not great…but def doable.  I think I’m ready for next Sunday’s race.  Sunday I took a rest day, and Monday was another day at the gym with the elliptical, bike, and some more abs :-0

And since this post didn’t go up as scheduled…I’ll just mention that yesterday was a rest day 🙂 Just FYI (since I’m sure you’re dying to know), I wrote this post and “scheduled” it to go up Tuesday morning, but I did something wrong and it didn’t post…yes, MENSA called and wants their membership card back.

Did you all get out there and enjoy the long weekend?  Hopefully it was a long weekend for you too!  Here’s a few of the fun things I indulged in this weekend:

I came home from my long run to coffee and breakfast waiting for me…He even kept a look out for me from our balcony and cheered me on as I finished up the last block and got home.  Yup, my hubby is a keeper.  

Long run along the harbor in San Diego

Long run along the harbor in San Diego

Brunch time with my love!

Sunday afternoon after brunch along the San Diego harbor

Sunday afternoon after brunch along the San Diego harbor

The money shot…he finally let me get a solo pic in.

harbor solo pic

Hanging out by the pool on Monday

Marriott Pool Day

What fun stuff did you do this holiday weekend?
Any pool or beach time?

One thought on “Weekend Recap…a Day Late

  1. Great job on the workouts and especially the long run! You will do awesome at the half!! No beach or pool time for me and no where near ready for it, but hopefully by our Vegas trip I will be 🙂 Have a great week!!

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