All About Me


Happily Ever After

Hi! I am Estephany, creator of this blog, Steph Stays Slim.  You’ll notice my uniquely spelled name…yup, my parents didn’t know how to spell, I’ll spare you the details for another day!

I really should have named this blog Esteph Trying to be Be Super Model Skinny, but for fear of sounding like a total tool…I shortened it up! I kid, I kid…super model skinny is not my goal, but staying slim, healthy, and active is.  I try to live an overall healthy lifestyle that will keep me active and feeling great well into my golden years.

Quick Stats About Me:

I am 29 years old…pushing 30 before I know it, golden years here I come!

I have a totally sarcastic sense of humor; so on that note…please don’t be offended by any of the nonsense I consider my opinion.  I make comments poking fun at topics, but I never intend on attacking anything or anyone in the process.

I am a San Diego girl, born and raised…and will probably live here my entire life, I love it here!

I married the first guy who asked for fear of being an old maid man of my dreams and can’t wait to see what our future holds.

Traveling is by far our favorite hobby.  We have some big trips in the works, stay tuned!

I am a wanna-be: Runner – Chef – Nutritionist – Aspiring DIY Girl – Yogi – Semi-Vegetarian à basically a jack of all trades…and expert at none!

As an English resource teacher, I have an awesome schedule and work with great teachers (but you’ll definitely find some typos here and there…deal with it!).

I started running a few years ago and have a few half marathons under my belt; can’t wait to get some more done this coming year.

My Goals and Why I started a Blog:

As many other health and fitness bloggers, this is a way to motivate me and keep me accountable with working out and staying fit.  I hope to motivate a few others along the way.

I love reading what other people are doing in terms of exercise, nutrition, and basically staying in shape all while enjoying life.  Since I already do a lot of the things I love to read about, I thought maybe people would want to read about me too!

Growing up with a chef (my dad), I have a true passion for food, cooking, meal planning…and all things eating!!  I try to put a healthy spin on some of my favorite foods to keep it nutritious and healthy.

Sisterly Love

Hope you enjoy the blog – Here are some more pics of me, some of my favorite people, and things I love to do!

Me and my buddy and neighbor Esther

Go Padres!! My Husband, JC and I

Ready to run the SD Rock and Roll Half Marathon (2011)

Dia de Los Muertos 2012 in Old Town San Diego

Just being silly with my love!


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