Fueling for a Long-ish Run

Sweaty Stats: Not too much to report on Wednesday’s sweaty status except that I did a few living rooms moves.  You know…abs, lunges, pushups, etc.  Every little bit helps, right?  Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself 🙂

I haven’t talked to much about Rock and Roll Half Marathon that I’m running here in San Diego, except that I’ve gotten some good long runs in these past few weekends.   I haven’t done any races in about 2 years, and this time around when it came to training…it was hard!  Like, just throw a cupcake in my face and let’s just call it quits, hard!

Rock and Roll

Fortunately it got better as the time went on and I’m now in a good running place.  I’m doing a lil 5 miler today and then resting my limbs before Sunday’s race.  One of the things that I really had to get better at this time around was fueling.  I tend to get lazy and not bring anything with me, but that’s just plain bad, period.  I have always had low blood pressure and low blood sugar, and that’s def not a good combo to have when you get out there and run or do any type of physical activity for an extended period of time.

fueling long run


Are you s super duper fueler?!

So keeping in mind that I am in NO way an expert in the field, a pro athlete, nutritionist, doctor, etc., these are just some of my tips for fueling for long runs that I came across through trial and error…with a lot more error than success 😦  But I think I’ve got it down now!

Fueling for Regular Gym Workouts and Short Runs (under 6 miles)

These workouts are usually no longer than 1 hour, so I don’t worry too much about over-fueling for these because I tend to go after work so I’m not on an empty stomach.  My go-to pre-gym foods:

  • Small (100 cal) granola bar
  • Almonds
  • Spoonful of Peanut Butter

If I’m Still Full from Lunch

  • Half Banana
  • Handful of Fruit – Strawberries, Cherries, etc.
  • Couple gulps of Gatorade, Juice, etc.

Fueling for Long Runs:

Since these runs are definitely longer than 1 hour and much more strenuous for me, I have a bit of a routine when it comes to fueling and having a successful run.  For these runs, I try to go in the morning as opposed to after work.

  • Upon Rising: Water!  About 2 glasses.
  • 30 minutes Before Run: Whole Wheat Pretzel Sticks with Peanut Butter  (with swigs of Gatorade to wash it down).
  • Right Before Run: 2 Clif Shot Bloks and more water
  • During Run: Water and 1-2 Clif Shot Bloks at mile 9 or 10 depending on how I feel.

shot blok

This has been working well with me and not upsetting my stomach in the process.

Here’s another take on how to fuel long runs.

How do you fuel for long runs/workouts?  
Are you systematic about it?  Or just go with the flow?